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S. I. Venezkywelcome to the wonderful and very informative book to read online. This book is not boring academic style, but in a fun way, with humor tells of metals on the history of their discovery, physical and chemical properties, their role in our life. It reads like an adventure book, not popular science work. Fun illustrations by artist A. Collie make the reading even more interesting.

Start reading and you will not be able to tear yourself away! Maybe this book will begin your journey in the fascinating world of chemistry and metallurgy!

Li Lithium: the lightest of light
In his Prime. - Excursion in the past century. - The healing waters of carlsbad. - Which is easier? - Vaseline tubs. - Pilots wear vests. - Remedy for gout. - The need made. - Doesn't sink in water. - No not afraid of frost or heat. - In the interior of Antarctica. - Eternal grease. - Delicious whether glass? - Blue flame. - The first violin. - The results of the bombing. - Li fan neutrons. - Twenty Dneproges. - Good old kerosene. - Lithium vs lithium.... - Nuclear "glue". - Crystal from South Dakota. - Sesame! Rapturous!". - Suspicious roast.
Beryllium Beryllium: metal space age
Tales become true soon. - Emerald mines of Cleopatra. - Hobby Roman Emperor. - "It is green, clean, cheerful and gentle... " - the Mystery of the Incas. - The investigation is conducted by the expert. - Unique stone returned to Russia. - "The green morning and bloody night". - Gilda looking for beryllium. - What to tell pine? - Sensational message. - Troublemaker. - Serious charge. - "The sentence" revised. - In space! - Strange order. - There will be no explosion. - Union lightest. - Important discovery. - Neutrons slow down the running. - Sound records. - Atomic "needle". - Man-made gems.
Magnesium Magnesium: a fighter with fatigue
The problem of the alchemists. - The truth is in the water. - There were no fireworks. - In the flame of a match. - In the lower layers of the mantle. - "Mountain leather". - Which method is better? - Neptune can sleep peacefully. - Each contributes his share. - In a hot minute. - At the metallurgical field. - In the struggle with my temper. - What happens under water? - The suit is ready. - "Quietly, shoot!" - There are cases povazhny. - In the eggshell. - Eat bananas. - Danger of heart attack. - A son or daughter? - Not only in medicine. - Don't have to wait. - A century later. - Like the violin. - Best role ahead. - "Business trip" to the moon
Aluminum Aluminum: silver clay
Tiberius eliminates the risk. - Luxurious camisole Emperor. -Sensation of the Paris exhibition. - Banquet in the Palace. - Ambitious project. - Medal, decided the dispute. - All aluminium and aluminium. - As if agreed. - Riddles Chinese tombs. - The vision of the engineer. - Vilm not believe his eyes. - "Stack" passed from the scene. - On the snow-covered fields. - Exhibit changes the passport. - There is a silver lining. - Echo" reflects the signals. - "Aluminaut" plunges into the abyss. - Between Moscow and Leningrad. - "The Church of the Holy Aluminium. - Will there be a beer bar? - On the clock and in the chest. - Sing, guitar! - Blanket in case. - Instead Of The Moon. - How are you doing on Mars? - Aluminum ... garbage.
Titan Titan, the son of the Earth
Rocket freezes in the sky. - "Change if you last name?" - In honor of the sons of Gaia. - A Herculean task. - Mistake after mistake. - Wide response. - A fly in the ointment. - The irony here is inappropriate. - Liberation from captivity. - "Black bird". - Here is the excerpt! - Rowers change boats. - A paradox? - On the papyrus boat RA. - Ridiculous point of view. - A thousand years later. - In the oceanic abysses. - The third spire of St. Petersburg. - The Acropolis is closed for renovation. - Defect is curable. - So rare! - A little fiction. - Mine in the Sea of Tranquility. - In the arms of oxygen. - Heavy testing.
Vanadium Vanadium: vitamin V
Find at the crash site. - The idea is implemented. - The goddess does not respond to the knock. - An annoying bug. - While wöhler was sick. - "I was a real ass... ". - Forty years later. - Fabulous price. - In the sky-the moon." - Unusual oil. - Ore from Venus? - The secret of vigor. - Gun up in the air. - Attack and defense. - "Diplomats" cunning. - In The Far North. - Ink rainbow. - No worse than platinum. - Pig satisfied. - Maritime collectors. - Plantations on the sea bottom. - Deeds of days long gone. - How to predict the future?
Chrome Chrome: the mysterious X
Chinese grammar. - "Siberian red lead. - It all started with the washing up. - Gray needles in the crucible. - Each gives advice. - Solar flares. - Fortune favors. - "Provocative" behavior. - New mystery. - The monument of the "stainless steel". - "The concert is cancelled. - Tea ice cream? - The steel is covered with "scales". - The first patent. - Turtle pace. - Interesting conversation. - "Cocktail" of metals. - Chrome boots. - The gods shed blood. - A way out. - A new specialty. - Out of competition. - Unexpected difficulties. - "Take fire". - Armor for diamond. - Arithmetic considerations. - "The British know a lot about..."
Manganese Manganese: eternal companion of iron
The columns of the underground Palace. - Wonderful black powder. - "Glass soap". - Gan or Rims? - Takes the baton Scheele. - "Hell fire" is doing its job. - Deficit heavenly phone - Try to crack the safe. - Will it be possible to collect Veche? - Two-faced alloy. - "Simple" name. - Replace platinum and palladium. - Familiar from childhood. - Why red ants red? - Pink pearls. - In the teeth of a shark. _- By conservative estimates. - No bacteria no cost. - Garlands on the reefs. - In the loops of the underwater cable. - Misunderstanding overboard. - Unusual medal. - To work in the depths. - "Make" from space. - Needed it for Russia? - The path lies in Martin.
Iron Iron: great worker
Is there a risk of iron starvation? - Love requires sacrifice. - Eat sawdust. - Set in gold. - Difficulties of the Pharaoh. - On a rainy day. - Grow if nails on trees? - Crystal dream natives. - The feast of king Solomon. - Water offers redemption. - "Heavenly stone". - With facts not argue. - The African giant. - Crater in the Arizona desert. - Bronze age deals powers. - Long before the Pithecanthropus? - "Magic" wand. - Why danced arrows? - Fruitless search. - Demidov sends the chase. - The miracle ship. - The Eifel and the skeptics. - The Temple Of The Sun. - Make a wish. - "Leather" steel. - Don't blame the hardware. Is it time to retire? - Lunar steel. - As if nothing had happened. - The Atomium in Brussels.
Cobalt Cobalt: charge peaceful guns
The Focus Of Paracelsus. - Blue porcelain. - Secrets of the island of Murano. - Strange Saxon ore mountains. - Brandt defends the dissertation. - Hobby veterinarian. - There is a silver lining. - Like the stars. - Japanese steel. - Insidious "toys". - Damage to the British Navy. - The surprise of the old dumps. - In the star gave. - In Union with platinum. - How to remove a nail? - Stronger and cheaper. - In the fight against anemia. - Old memory. - Opening of the great spouses. - Like a fairy tale Genie. - "Cans" are being tested. - Are there any cracks? - Mask Of Tutankhamun. - The blue diamonds. - How to catch lightning? - Assistant doctors.
Nickel Nickel: copper devil
Dream great-grandmothers. - Ancient Chinese alloy. - The machinations of the evil spirit. - Not shy. - The prediction of the great seer. - Energetic Frenchman. - Discovery in Canada. - Gold medal Reisetasche. - The epidemic and its virus. - Who is to blame for the death of the Emperor? - By accident. - "Sabotage" in the Navy. - 3000 in the work. - The secret of the field. - Loud application. - "Diamond alloy". - Unforgettable past. - Fun glitter. - "Puff" coin. - The trouble is remedied. - Unexpectedly. - "Nepotism" and the hassle. - Close relationship. - Plated planet. - Terrier looking for ore. - The mammoth explosion". - How much of the action "Poseidon"? - Ambitious projects. - Whether justice will prevail?
Copper: replaced stone
Gifts Anatolian hills. - "The magnificent seven". - Stone age descends from the stage. - The boiler from the tomb. - What did Hephaestus? - Vessel found near Baghdad. - An irreparable loss. - Events in the port. - On the instructions of the Pharaoh. - Wonder of the world in recycling? - For the statue of Liberty. - Musical abilities. - The priests-the alchemists. - "Take the goat cheese ..." - circles under the eyes. - "Gun house". - A good "trip". - The Church part with the bells. - The knight's move. - In the steppes of Kazakhstan. - "Dawn" crisscrossing the ocean. - The roof of the Royal Palace. - "Copper rebellion". - The nose had nothing to do with. - Treasure gray Urals. - Where fell the antelope? - A billion years ago. - It's in the bag. - Delicious necklace. - Violets prefer zinc. - Great vision at a distance. - Tricks of copper ore. - Blue blood? - "Anticalin". - Gnomes at work.
Zinc: a covering for steel
The Mystery Of Masako. - Idol of Dacia. - Evidence Of Marco Polo. - Fake silver or Indian tin? - Like a Phoenix. - The laurels awarded to the Champion. - The sun in the fog. - Long before the birth. - Silver patterns. - Allies become competitors. - A unique collection. - A negative role. - Stroll along the Neva river. - Three events in the last century. - A century of waiting. - The sacrifice of themselves. - Starting the fever. - The gun is charged. - Powder "philosopher's wool". - It's not El Greco! - Glass Agatha. - Raduga TV. - Why fight the rats? - Talking about Pansy? - Wealth needs to be protected. - From the bottom of the red sea. - News from space.
Zirconium: "clothing" rod
Martin works makes a discovery. - What did you dream? - Without a job. - Constant companion. - Serious disagreements. - "Bathing" in alkalis. - Multifaceted activity. - Without the worries of overheating. - In search of a calling. - The fate of the "brothers". - No trespassing. - Reactor "Nautilus". - Merits and sins. - Problem after problem. - Wealth in the dumps. - On the ocean shore. - The oldest on Earth. - The tendency to "sprawl". - Side of the profession. - Nernst Lamp. - For all tastes. - What happens in Montlouis? - "The capital city of the sun". - Clear the misunderstanding.
Niobium: forty-first
Where you are registered? - Without incident. - Neighbors intrigued. - Sending from the coast of Colombia. - 150 years later. - Two open. - "To inflict upon him a new interrogation..." - In honor of the goddess of sorrow. - "Columbite" make peace with God. - Water will not spill. - The game is worth the candle. - There is a silver lining. - Recognition. - Important things. - Helps emptiness. - Not afraid of frost. - Error leads to discovery. - Without any resistance. - The record has to give. - How to catch two birds with one stone? - Opponent zirconium. - In the fight against gas. - Responsible medical officer. - Currency transactions. - Prediction comes true.
Molybdenum: ally iron
Without condiments will not do! - Under a false name. - The error of the ancient Greeks. - At the Mint. - In protest. - "Skyscraper" in 1600 floors. - Crash on level ground. - Dream hairdressers. - Reliable support. - "Take the burden on yourself ..." - Glass changes colour. - "Parts" of man. - True friends. - Mystery of the samurai sword. - Tank becomes invulnerable. - Razor blade. - Kindred spirits. - Not afraid of frost. - Loved the beans. - What is the "Union red"? - All the "blame" is molybdenum? - Uninvited guests. - Modest place. - The"war" metal. - High in the mountains. - Millions of meters. - Where the key to the chest?
Silver: moon metal
Alexander the great was forced to retreat. - "Sacred vessels" Kira. - Silver horseshoe. - The second oldest profession. - August profiles. - Tells the legend. - The ransom for a Prince Igor. - The treasure in a garbage pit. - Cunning Russian boyars. - Vice-Governor receives the order. - The mystery of the Nevyansk tower. - The family silver. - The service of count Orlov. The robbery failed. - In fond memory. - The"victim" of the cyclone. - Three record. - A mirror Shine. - Two silver spoons. - Thinner nowhere. - Under the sign of the moon. - History with geography. - The Queen prays pirate. - Night fun. - On the seabed. - Phipps collects "the harvest". - Find the diver. - Will the dolphins? - Sleep in the hand.
Tin: "solid", but a soft metal...
The death of the expedition. - "Tin plague". - Joke of the Russian winter. - Missing buttons. - Blame witches. - Atoms are povorotny. - "Vaccine" against "the plague". - "Tin cry". - There are no competitors. - The secret of the Saxons. - Banks in the bathhouse. - The fate of the tin soldier. - Hephaestus equips Achilles. - "Little Mary ..." - High temperature? - Hard or soft? - Money of the Aztecs. - Julius Caesar can confirm. - The king was wrong. - Ore in the "packaging". - Significant exhibit. - On the eternal settlement. - The search for the Holy Nose? - The standard of the London stock exchange. - The glass ribbon. - Trap for the sun. - Fail "banking operations".
Tantalum: born in pain
Sins and torments of Tantalus. - The similarity is misleading. - Clarity made. - Hand-in-hand. - 101-year life. - Presentiments had not deceived. - Desired feature. - A match head. - The interest is growing. - Weakness of Aqua Regia. - Repair skulls? - Tantalum nerves. - Humane mission. - Solid customer. - Monstrous temperature not terrible. - Ability to work under pressure. - Down with gases! - Solidarity with the Tantalum. - Enviable constancy. - In the hands of the goldsmiths. - Costs recovered.
Tungsten: giving light
Need any comments? - "Wolf foam". - The opening of the great pharmacist. - Brothers comes luck. - "Samakal Muleta". - Not going to pass. - Peach color. - Experiments in St. Petersburg. -The success of German engineers. - Necessity is the mother of invention. - Tidbit. - Not a chance. - Agonizing silence. - "The plot" princes Vladimirovich. - To hell. - "Help" from the side. - In cold and heat. - Return "fugitives". - At the Sun's surface. - Billions of lightning. - Minutes and century. - "U-1" in Montreal. - Weight in society. - Precision. - "Whiskers" are in Vogue. - "Fluffy" tungsten. - Layered mirror. - The program "Soyuz - Apollo".
Platinum: for the three locks
Find the conquistadors. - The decree of the Spanish king. - Again in Europe. - Close relatives. - The first in Russia. - "Diamond" steel. - Assault on the fortress. - Oversight of the Minister of Finance. - In fond memory. - The treasure in the waste. - Winner of the Demidov prize. - In gram production. - Warm welcome. - The sparks are extinguished in the wind? - With great speed. - It was in the Donbas. - In the terrible year. - Transparent mirror. - The Gift Of Montezuma. - Measure the temperature. - Three keys. - Alignment on the platinum. - "For all times, for all peoples." - Orange rays. - Platinum diagnoses. - Not feeling any pain. - Modest beach attire. - A high honor.
Gold: "the king of metal" - metal kings
"Modest" desire. - Nut too tough. - In the Valley of the kings. - Care Of Babylon. - For convenience's sake. - "Surgical" operation. - Day and night. - Tricks of Bluebeard. - In the early hours. - The Ransom Of Atahualpa. - The Temple Of The Sun. - Ocean revenge. - "Gold fever". - Empress collection. - Not born yesterday! - Syutkin drink bitter. - Replace the tray. - The"Champions" of Australia. - Stone costume Buddha. - In deep secret. - Bacteria-solotica. - "The alchemist" of the twentieth century. - Archimedes accuses of fraud. - Who fools? - Trick of the cashier. - Medals in Aqua Regia. - In the eternal captivity. - Find in the pyramid of Chephren. - "Gold seal". - On the bottom of the Atlantic. - Space "tax".
Mercury: "silver water"
The exception to the rule. - Distant relatives. - Hammer of mercury. - Surprisingly the weightlifters. - Why Ivan the terrible was terrible? - In the role of witness. - Hobbies of the English king. - The tragedy on "Triumph". - It is forbidden by law. - Reputation restored. - Rome buys mercury. - The"Tricks" Of Genghis Khan. - Inscription in the Palace of the Achaemenids. - Fashionable craze. - Monarchs build the laboratory. - Tricks medieval charlatans. - Possible options. - Underground experiments. - Under the hot hand. - Dodgy Mercury. - Creation Of Montferrand. - Joy is premature. - Green lipstick. - What is happening near zero? - Ferdinand II recommends alcohol. - Difficult tests. - Start in life.
Lead: destroyed Rome
Watchful geese. - The sad fate of the patricians. - In the service of the Inquisition. - Secrets of the Brahmans. - Screams of horror on the Bridge of sighs. - A strong argument. - Eighty years under water. - Invalid "Amateur". - Clouds over the city rose. - In the snows of Greenland. - A pillar of ice. - To set the box office. - Heavy writing. - Under the tinkling of crystal. - "Made in Rodos". - Fire in the Athens port. - Are there miracles? - Tricks "the Peruvian artist. - Poisonous "sugar". - In offense and defense. - Mini-window. - Finding under a layer of ash. - Beetles are no "breaks". - In the gardens of Babylon. - One in ten million. - Why the secrecy? - Family ties. - A cat named cat.
Uranium: the fuel of the twentieth century
In honor of the seventh planet. - Mosaic of the ancient Romans. - Card matted. - Ingenious foresight. - Becquerel waiting for the sun. - Opening in an abandoned barn. - Encyclopedia error? - Sensational message. - The idea of "boys". - Where did the lanthanum? - Case in a barbershop. - Where to get neutrons? - Useful "magnificence". - "Match"! - Events in the metro. - A drop in the ocean. - In old Chicago. - "Come here for Breakfast!". - Nervous driver. - Fermi hides a smile. - Day, became black. - The first step. - Nuclear destroys the ice. - "The package" in the Sun. - Fantastic prospects.

This publication is made on the basis of the 4th edition of the book (1985, Moscow, publishing house "metallurgy")
Drawings A. C. Collie

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