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How old is Homo sapiens?

During excavations in Ethiopia, scientists have discovered the remains of a man whose age is 160 thousand years.

Found the skull of the adult men, women and children indicate that these ancient people had all the signs of Homo sapiens (Homo sapiens): convex forehead, smooth face, small eyebrows.

Scientists believe that modern humans appeared in Africa about 200 thousand years ago and then spread all over the world.


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2014-03-23 13:06:13
The Bible was invented by people, not so long ago. He also did not know at that time when it happened, so operada the Bible is purely faith. And if you reject religion aside, there are only theories. But most likely that all the same people evolutionarv of animal: almost all they are identical. And accurately determine the age of a person is not likely, because we are constantly changing. Even the transition to homo sapiens was not instantaneous. It took a year, and not even a hundred years.
2014-01-30 22:15:28
Very interesting
mouse Wisla
2013-12-30 11:22:35
Yes what you are saying! people not so long ago appeared, and it was he from monkeys :(
2013-11-05 07:50:48
Lord, the man was always, from the moment of occurrence of this world. Actually this is not a man descended from an APE, but the APE from man. Man, in the process of evolution, was isolated from whole animal world to become a human being in a physical relationship. Emotionally the person is still largely an animal, and he should be able to evolve into a human being and as a spiritual being, i.e. consciously. His flesh he received as a gift from the world.
2013-08-25 13:39:39
To the anonym:
All Soviet archaeologists retarded, when I was studying I put that primitive Neanderthal. As man evolved from Neanderthal 40 thousand years ago. Complete nonsense! Russian archaeologists retarded!!! In the West live creative people with super technology.
2013-05-07 15:37:30
Read Porshneva. Even CRO-magnon man, strictly speaking, cannot be Scituate modern man. Only the highest manifestation of arkandroid man. And lived 40 testimo ago.
2013-03-14 16:04:39
damn and he was in the Cretaceous period existed?
girl mystery
2012-11-13 12:28:09
Yes, it was all as a reason to intervene is necessary to you? most importantly we are here now
2012-10-25 06:45:24
Read the Bible, it States that originally man was much smarter than we are. But lost its existence seems Angelic,because of sin. There was simply no civilization this does not give us reason to think that people were stupid as zhivotnymiporno people gradually learned capabilities as its own, and the world of nature.
2012-06-14 10:20:58
alex, someone paranoia!

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