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How does a man need salt?

Table saltTable salt (sodium chloride) is the most common and well-known chemical compound. It is in every home and on every Desk. For the life of the human organism salt is absolutely necessary. Lack of salt can lead to different functional disorders, and long-term salt starvation to become harmful to the body. The daily requirement of an adult in salt 10-15 grams. In hot climates it grows up to 25 grams. This is due to the fact that sodium chloride (salt) is excreted in sweat. To restore it you need to increase your salt intake.

Sodium chloride is essential to the human body for the formation of hydrochloric acid in the gastric juice. This salt is also in tissue fluid Yves composition of blood.

Table salt has a weak antiseptic. It prevents the spread of putrefactive bacteria. This property of salt used in the food storage and canning.

In centuries past, salt was a very valuable article of Commerce. Because of her wars were fought and were organized riots. In some countries, salt was used as currency. In the 13th century in China circulated coins from salt crystals. In Ethiopia until the 19th century as money were the bars of salt. Roman soldiers wages were often paid in salt.


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