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How many people can live without water?

How long can you live without water?the Time that a person can live without water, depending on temperature and humidity environment, and the degree of motor activity. American physiologist E.F. Adolph investigated the influence of these factors on thirst and here is what I found.

If a person is at rest in the shade, at a temperature of 16-23°C, then he may not drink for 10 days. If the air temperature is 26°C, this period is reduced to 9 daysat 29°C to 7, at 33°C to 5, and at 36°C is already up to 3 days. If the air temperature is 39°C in the rest of the people can't drink no more than 2 days.

If the person is actively moving, all these figures are greatly reduced because the rate of metabolism in the muscle increases, and thus increases the rate of water consumption by the cells.

However, the ability of the human body are often higher than average. So, after the earthquake in Mexico in 1985 under the ruins of the building was found alive 9-year-old boy who was there without food and water for 13 days.

And in February 1947, Frunze was found 53-year-old man who received a head injury, within 20 days were without food and water in an abandoned unheated room. When they found him, he was not shown the breath and didn't prosopalgia pulse. And the next day he might have to talk!


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