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How many forces exist in nature?

The word "power" corresponds to a huge number of meanings and interpretations. In any Glossary explanation of this word is given a large place. Some phrases with him there is a huge amount of physical strength and willpower, the horsepower and the power of persuasion, the power of steam and the power of habit, the centrifugal force, the power of love, etc. And how many Proverbs with the word - "Power is there, the mind is not necessary" or "Force the straw ache".

How many different types of forces exist in nature? Despite the amazing diversity of phenomena and substances, not so much:

1) the force of gravity,
2) electromagnetic,
3) nuclear forces,
4) the strength of weak interactions.

Examples of manifestations of the 4 fundamental forces in nature
Gravitational force
Gravitational force
Magnetic interaction
Fine iron filings in a magnetic field
give a picture of the magnetic field lines

Types of electromagnetic interaction
The friction force is of an electromagnetic nature

Types of electromagnetic interaction
Elastic force is also a manifestation of the electromagnetic force
Gravitational force
Interaction between particles of the atomic nucleus
nucleons(protons and neutrons)
The weak nuclear force
Thermonuclear fusion reaction of protons helium in stars (including the Sun)

With the manifestation of all four we meet, exploring what happens in the infinite expanse of the Universe.


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thanks very interesting
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"Mommy, if not to tell tales to the child, and to explain as there is, and complexity in the understanding of the world he will not.
2014-01-08 16:36:31
Website for children. Interestingly, they will be able to understand from the example of the synthesis of helium? And most importantly: what I can about this to clarify? It is difficult, simna. Although the General direction is clear.
blot♥ or just blot
2013-12-25 18:22:44
Thanks, interesting! Read...
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