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As the Vikings reached America?

The discoverer of America is Columbus. But before Columbus visited famous for his fearlessness and nautical art of the Vikings.

The Vikings, Scandinavian, were cruel, leading the terrified soldiers. In Russia they were called Vikings in Western Europe - by the Normans. The part of the people were engaged in farming, some made predatory and aggressive campaigns. In the 9th century they invaded the East coast of England, Sicily, North-Eastern France. In search of new lands, the Vikings made a daring expedition. In the early 10th century Viking Gunnbjorn went on a long voyage to the West through Iceland. But on the way met only deserted island and land covered in ice.

The Eirik Red
The Eirik The Red

After this hike, the Icelander Eirik the Red, known for his fiery hair, with a team of 32 people went in search of a new country. In 982, the expedition reached the shores of the earth, which struck travelers green meadows, protected from cold Northern winds. This apparently allowed the Eirik the Red-haired to call the island "Green country", i.e., Greenland. After a few years on the West coast of the island was founded two colonies, where there were about 3 thousand people.

The name of the son of Eric the Red - Levy, or Leif Eriksson, bind the discovery of America. In Boston in 1887 fearless Viking was a monument.

A statue of Leif Eriksson in Boston
A statue of Leif Eriksson in Boston

Contemporaries called the Leyva Happy. And true, he had a light and cheerful disposition, in all endeavors have been successful. In the year 1000 Leyva decided to swim to the mysterious forests of the earth, to which, according to legend, in the year 986, get off track, stuck Norwegian merchant Bjarni, Herulian. He succeeded, Leyva with a team of 30 people have reached North American shores.

Sailing along the coast in a southerly direction, Leyva a few times landed on land. As a result, he visited the shores of Baffin island, which he called "Helluland" -"Land of flat stones. Sailing to the South, he reached the coast of Labrador. Travelers saw land with low cliffs and white sandy shallows, limited forest. It was called "Markland" - "Forest land". Continuing the voyage, he decided to zasimovichi on earth, overgrown with wild vines, and has a rich fish river. Leyva gave her the name "Vinland", which means "land of grapes". It was scree all, the Northern ledge of Newfoundland.

Voyage of the Vikings in America
Estimated navigation routes of the Vikings in America

The Vikings tried to establish the North American coast colony. Countless wars with the local Indian tribes "skrelinhamy" (literally "dwarfs"or "toddler") did not allow them to do it, and people returned home.

In Greenland the living conditions were not easy, moreover, began harassing raids Eskimos. By the end of the 15th century, died here last settler. As a result, the opening of the Vikings America was forgotten for several centuries.


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