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How to distinguish the false from Armillaria this?

False mushrooms include several species of fungi, is very similar to edible mushrooms. In addition, they are easily confused, because false mushrooms like to grow in the same places as edible - they grow family on the stumps, felled trees, trunks and protruding parts of the roots of the trees. Some species of false inedible mushrooms, others conditionally edible, others are poisonous. However, mushroom, especially a beginner, it is not necessary to experiment and never forget the main rule: "Not sure, do not take it!" Collect only these mushrooms when you absolutely sure that this is what they are! When in doubt it is better to abandon the idea to put the mushroom to the basket.

The most important characteristic that can distinguish the real from Armillaria false is a filmy ring (skirt) on the leg. This ring - the remainder of the covering, which protects the fruit body of the fungus at a young age. The false experience of such ring no.

How to distinguish from these mushrooms false
The edible mushrooms (left) clearly visible ring on the leg.
The false experience (right) rings on the legs are missing.

For children even came up with the poem, so it is better to remember that the main difference between edible mushrooms:

The edible honey mushroom
On the foot ring of the film.
And all the false experience
Legs bare to toe.


Real (edible) mushrooms
Edible mushrooms (autumn):
A, B - young, old

There are other differences.

1. The smell of edible mushrooms is a pleasant mushroom, agarics emit unpleasant earthy smell.

2. Hats inedible mushrooms more bright, loud colored than edible. The tone can vary from sulfur-yellow to brick-red (depending on species). Past edible mushrooms have a modest dull light brown colour.

And sulphur-yellow, B - keroplatidae, In - brick-red

3. The edible mushrooms hat covered with small scales, the false experience on the cap scales no - it is usually smooth. But we must remember that edible mushrooms at the age of scales on the cap are already there (see photo of old mushrooms above) .

4. There are differences in color plates (on the reverse side of the mushroom cap). Plate the false honey yellow, old - greenish or olive-black, while edible, they are creamy or yellowish-white.

False and edible mushrooms
Plate of mushrooms:
And - edible (autumn), B - keroplatidae, sulphur-yellow

5. Note the bitter taste of false mushrooms, which have edible, but to taste the access is not necessary - and without sufficient grounds on which to distinguish the edible from Armillaria false.

Experienced mushroomer these signs immediately catch the eye, but beginners need to apply this knowledge with caution, as the symptoms listed above - to a large extent subjective, that is, each person evaluates characteristics such as smell or color, in different ways. To fix this can only experience. And while guided by the first, most important, a sign - look for a skirt on the legs of mushrooms.

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