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How to create a city?

What, you say: paved road, along the streets built houses, shops, schools and gardens - here to you and the city. But things are not so simple. First, the architect draws a plan of the city or street on the paper. Then made layout a cardboard houses, gardens and parks spread on the table drawn according to plan. Such toys layouts help architects to ensure everything is properly indicated on the plan, not whether impede future home alone one, if they do not dismiss the sunlight, sufficiently wide and spacious streets of the future city (by the way, the role of the sun in this "game" performs an ordinary table lamp). Just making sure that small town nice and comfortable to stay, people will build this.


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2014-02-14 20:00:30
quite good content for a student who is studying in 4th class
2014-01-17 14:27:46
Good site
A passer-by
2011-08-13 11:17:54
The question was not about how cities are BUILT and how they are CREATED.

The city CREATED around places where there is trade, or manufacturing. Then there are places around that can bring income.
If there is nothing that could ensure the delivery of goods (or services) national consumption, to fully meet the needs of residents and the people working in them, the city begins to lose its residents, and gradually ceases to exist.

Conclusion -
First create a source of cash income for future citizens of the city,
Then Stauts places to stay of citizens who will work in this city,
And then as needed anything else, you begin to build the necessary buildings and to create additional services in the city. For example, the working citizens children were born, then there is a need in the kindergarten, in which you could take your kids while the parents work. If there is a kindergarten, there is a need in the profession, the Educator, who would work in the garden and spent time with children.
And so, as the need arises, in the service of the population of the city begins to razrastatsya. Begin to see new buildings, new facilities and with them again new needs.

Here is a quick example of how to create the city.

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