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How to fly the plane?

Inventors have long thought how to increase the speed of the aircraft. We decided to go up into the air using wings. This idea was first proposed by Leonardo da Vinci, but technically hesitated.

The plane Leonardo da Vinci
The plane Leonardo da Vinci

Attempts to rise into the air on the idea of the great scientist and artist were many. Were they crowned with success only in 1882. Russian naval engineer Alexander F. Mozhaisky built the first airplane and performed flight, he lasted only a few seconds.

The Plane Of Mozhaisk
The first flight Mozhaisk, July 20 (August 1) 1882

Brothers Orwell and Wilbur Wright perfected the model. In their aircraft propeller revolved petrol engine and was allowed to fly 50 meters in 12 seconds. In 1909 the Wright brothers have built a new aircraft, developed a speed of 60 kilometers per hour.

The plane the Wright brothers
The first plane the Wright brothers

How can you still fly the plane? Powerful engine accelerates the aircraft, helping him. to gain height. As it flies, building wings on the air, so the aircraft cannot climb up to where flying satellites, in airless space. He has the height limit. With the rise up of the air is becoming less and less. There comes that moment when the plane's wings not rely on that, and the motor for the required air.


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2014-03-09 17:55:46
Absolutely nothing. How planes fly ? Build wings on the air," and all ? And about the pressure difference not to mention want ?
Olga Koshman
2013-09-07 13:24:19
Clearly and simply, thanks
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