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As you can observe the Sun?

The sun is best seen in a telescope, the lens diameter of which not less than 60 millimeters. In the Sun you cannot see with the naked eye, because you may lose vision. To observe the Sun, it is necessary to use special solar eyepiece or lens to stop down any one of the third diameter, and the eyepiece to wear a cap with a dark glass or optical filter.

For better observation of the Sun to use special sun screen device, with which an enlarged image of the solar disk is mapped to the screen-paper, where you can do sketches. For sketches of pre-prepared sheets of drawing paper, each of which draw a circle with a diameter of 100 millimeters. During observation, it combines the image of the solar disk.

To photograph the Sun, the telescope should fit with a special camera with shutter and the cartridge or the camera. We must remember that the mirror system can not be viewed without dark glasses.

Pictures of the Sun through a telescope Coronado PST + Sky-Watcher 80ED

The prominences on the Sun
5.06.11 14:03 msk
the camera DMK 21AF04.AS FireWire + LB 1.5.x

Sun spots with active area
30.05.11 13:11 msk
the camera DMK 21AF04.AS FireWire + LB 1.5.x

Solar flares and sun spots
2.06.11 13:20 msk
the camera DMK 21AF04.AS FireWire + LB 1.5.x

The telescope Coronado PST + Synta Sky-Watcher 80ED

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