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Where did the word "chemistry"?

Researchers still have not come to a consensus about the origin of the word "chemistry". There are several versions.

According to the first version, the term "chemistry" comes from the Egyptian word "Khem" is the Arabic name of this country. In this case, "chemistry" can be translated as "Egyptian science".

This word meant "black" - apparently, the color of the soil in the valley of the Nile river flowing through the territory of Egypt (in contrast to the barren Sands of the desert). "Whom," or "hem" (Khemia - "Black country", "country black earth") - so called in ancient Greece, Egypt; this term is found in Plutarch. In this version, the word "chemistry" is translated as "black science" or "science of the black earth", but in this case, referring to Egypt, that is the meaning of this transfer is the same as in the first embodiment.

The second version displays the word "chemistry" from the Greek χυμος ("homos"), which can be translated as "juice". This term is found in manuscripts containing information on medicine and pharmacology.

According to a third version, the word "chemistry" comes from another Greek word - χυμα ("home"), meaning "casting", "alloy". In this case, the "chemistry" is the art of casting metal smelting, i.e. metallurgy.

The term "chemistry" was first used by the Greek alchemist Zosimus of Panopolitania in the fifth century A.D. He used this term in the sense of "insisting", "pouring". The modern word for the science of chemistry has occurred from late Latin chimia and is international: for example, in English, chemistry, German - Chemie, French - chimie. In English this term appeared in the epoch of Peter I.


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