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How to measure wind speed?

The moving speed of the air flow the most successful can be measured using vitremer (anemometer). The wide circulation was received by a Cup anemometer measuring device, on the vertical axis which cross fortified Cup - hemisphere, which rotate from anyone, even the light, the breeze, and the stronger it is, the faster the rotation. From the axis of the device is transmitted to the Rev counter.

Cup anemometer.
The most famous Petrolera is the Cup anemometer.
The higher the wind speed, the faster it rotates the Cup.

Near vetromile typically install a weather vane indicates wind direction. In the near airfields and bridges, where the wind can be dangerous for cars are microcastle - large cone-shaped bags made of striped fabric, open on both sides.

The windsock
Aerodromes and near bridges the direction and strength of the wind from afar show
microcastle is open at both ends with large linen striped cones.

Before people learned how to measure the wind speed in m/s or km/h, they were used for this purpose, the Beaufort scale is an English Admiral, which was the table, describing and qualifying the different winds, are summarized in the scoring system from 0 (calm) to 12 points (the strongest hurricane winds reaching a speed of 117 km/h). However, tornadoes and tropical cyclones speed it is even more.


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