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How to measure the amount of rain?

When hail and snow croup, but primarily when the snowfall, precipitation can be measured directly on the surface using an ordinary ruler and expressing the result in centimeters. But rain water is quickly absorbed by the soil or drains, so to measure it using a special graduated vessel through a funnel comes rainwater. The rise of water in the vessel 1 mm means in terms of 1 liter of precipitation per square meter.

This level can be defined independently. Expose the vessel with a wide neck (the Bank) and we will get back rainwater, then peralam it in the beaker and note how much water there. As the opening of the vessel, certainly much less than a square meter, find its area. If it is equal to, say, a quarter of a square meter, the measured amount of collected moisture should be multiplied four times. Special utensils used by meteorologists, marked so as to obtain the most accurate data.

Instrument for measuring rainfall
This simple device measures the amount of rainfall,
dropped out during the day in a particular area.


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