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What is the impact on weather, sea currents?

A special role in creating the climate plays ocean. Almost three quarters of the earthís surface is covered by its waters. Here are collected the giant mass of moisture. Its evaporation, heating and cooling have a permanent effect on the appearance of clouds and winds. One should also consider the fact that the water of the oceans and seas is in constant motion: mixed upper and lower layers, strong currents move great distances cold or warm water, affecting weather patterns.

An example is the Gulf stream, to a large extent determines the climate of Europe, This trend makes from the Gulf of Mexico and deliver to European shores until the Murmansk mass of warm water. Therefore, the port of Murmansk, lying North of the Arctic circle, does not freeze in winter.

Sea currents
Sea currents result in the movement of air masses, their way is from the warmer water to the cooler. This leads to the winds.


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