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As earthquakes?

Of course, earthquakes are one of the most terrible natural phenomena. They do a terrible disaster. Fluctuations in the earth's crust can cause damage, fire, flood, loss of life.

The study of earthquakes has shown that they arise from rupture and very rapid movement of large masses of rock or tectonic plates. Their shift and causes sharp fluctuations in the earth's crust, which are felt on the surface. Scientists found that the earth's crust consists of about 20 large and small tectonic plates. They have a thickness of from 60 to 100 kilometers.

Reasons that cause their movement, a lot. Wandering tectonic plates, falling, rising, floating on the surface of the magma. In those places where they are in contact with each other, and occur most often earthquakes.

In the bowels of the planet accumulates a large amount of heat. Outside the Earth, giving warmth in world space, is cooled, and its surface is reduced. As a result of various areas of the earth's surface experience different pressures. Perhaps this drives them.

On the earth's vibrations affect the force of gravity. Our planet consists of substances of different specific gravity. Lighter rocks tend to rise and more severe - down.

Their movement is affected by the gravitational forces of the moon and Sun.

Changing the speed of rotation of the Earth also causes deformation of the earth's crust.


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2013-04-03 16:44:12
Solomon Zarbailov Abaev
2013-02-09 15:57:31
FROM WHAT EARTHQUAKES-My scientific work. Abaev Solomon Zarbailov. From my: THEORY of COSMOGONY-the LAW of SERBINOVICH. All the planets are growing and increasing the mass increases the temperature inside the planet, that is, from the pressure to the center or gravity. There comes a time when substance - rock in the subsurface is heated to a temperature above the melting point into a liquid massueses in this process are highlighted gases and is accumulated to a critical and additionally even when the heat starts the movement of the molten mass is what we call in the sea, from the temperature difference. And in this period oscillations of the Earth's crust-the EARTHQUAKE, AND when the gases accumulate to a critical and in the Earth's crust across prejudise weak spot where the breakout occurs gases together with the molten mass of a volcano is formed. As power gas wasted volcano subsides. Moshhnosti emissions from a volcano depends on the value of the break in the eruption and depth proryvaet more break and more depth of focus the more blocked the mouth of the volcano,and mosinee will release,and in severe blockage of the mouth, may become a breakthrough in the new maste godubai Solomon Zarbailov.
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