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How to use natural gas?

Currently, natural gas is widely used in the energy and chemical industries.

Natural gas is widely used as a cheap fuel in private residential and apartment buildings for heating, water heating and cooking. It is used as fuel for machinery, boilers, CHP. This is one of the best fuels for domestic and industrial needs. The value of natural gas as a fuel is that it is environmentally friendly mineral fuels. During its combustion produces much less pollution than other fuels. Therefore, natural gas is one of the main sources of energy for human activity.

In the chemical industry, natural gas is used as raw material for production of various organic substances, such as plastics, rubber, alcohol, organic acids. It is the use of natural gas has helped to synthesize many chemicals that do not exist in nature, for example, polyethylene.

At first people did not know about the useful properties of the gas. When oil it is often associated gas. This associated gas is simply burned directly on the extraction site. In those days, to transport and sell natural gas was not profitable, but over time have developed efficient methods of transporting natural gas to the consumer, the main of which is the pipeline. In this method, the gas from the wells, pre-cleaned, enters the pipe under enormous pressure of 75 atmospheres. There is the method of transportation of liquefied natural gas in special tankers gas tankers. Liquefied gas is more secure during transportation and storage than compressed.

And burning natural gas in some countries it is forbidden by law, but in some countries it is practiced in our days...

Did you know that...

Net natural gas has no color or odor. In order to determine the leakage of household gas smell, it adds a small amount of substances having a strong unpleasant smell. Most often for this purpose use the mercaptan.

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2013-12-16 06:06:49
And burning natural gas in some countries it is forbidden by law, but in some countries it is practiced in our days...
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your material helped me to work on Kubanenergo in grade 9
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