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Until the first quarter of the twentieth century there was a view of the Universe as something immutable, stable and eternal. In 1922, the Russian mathematician Alexander Friedman came to the conclusion that matter in our region of the Universe must either be expanding or Contracting. This was confirmed by further study of cosmic objects. According to them, galaxies scatter in all directions from us. The farther away one or the other galaxy, the faster it moves. Is the total extension of the meta-galaxy.

Picture of mutual rouzbehani galaxies scientists mentally turned on his heels. They suggested that in the distant past, some 13.5 billion years ago, matter was in a different state than our age. At that period there existed no stars, no galaxies, no planets. All matter was concentrated in a very dense hot clot size of only 10-99 cm3! Then for some reason there is a massive explosion. Astronomers called it the Big Bang. As a result of this explosion started the expansion and cooling substances. In the process of explosion formed the atoms first, then the stars, the galaxies and all other space objects.


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want to space...
2014-04-25 12:47:35
here I go in the rocket and I'll tell you everything... everywhere I visit!
2014-04-06 05:20:49
whence whence took and appeared whack and began to develop
2014-03-24 19:48:28
Anon. Time was invented by the people. This comparison of the frequency of action among themselves. The time came when there was a "3" action (That's two periods of time that you can compare and count each-other). It then went a countdown of "Those" values.
2013-12-15 21:10:11
Selena appeared from behind the big Bang
very small
2013-11-10 23:33:58
not sure what we generally tell the truth about the universe
2012-12-08 23:49:46
Standard obyasnala by theorem Einstein's E=MC2(energy - matter),
but what was before that? Man does not yet fully understand what time, and that it has a beginning and an end, so while we are not aware of the time, we neopren,where did it ALL. Although we will never understand the meaning of time.
Maxim Kachaev
2012-10-28 19:54:11
God created all that we see and cannot see. Created the universe, created everything including us. Our minds can't understand this, because God made our minds certain ceiling perception and above will not jump. Why head to score if we never understand. No theories, and cannot be, they are all not true and that's a fact!!
2012-10-19 03:03:29
Why believe some assumptions and conjectures, to read the Quran, please note our Slavic Vedic roots. And Vedic philosophy, not a religion. And to seek answers in religion and Orthodox scientists, and our ancestors who knew about space much more than we
2012-09-17 13:40:02
To understand where the beginning of the universe, almost the same as to understand: what is the square ball. If you understand what is infinity you will go crazy. 1:0,1=10; 1:0,01=100, the smaller the divisor the greater the number tends to infinity, then if 1:0, then the quotient will be infinity, but a divide by zero is impossible, if the output from example 1 dividend, we get that: infinity multiplied by 0 is equal to 1. And if in the example to substitute another number, such as 34 (besch)=34, infinity zeros (besch) this means any number, but if infinities 0 (HBES., from the relocation of the multipliers work does not change), it means infinity no, which contradicts the fact that zero infinities equal any number, so you cannot divide any number by zero, hence infinity does not exist. So start there, and the universe is finite.
2012-09-17 11:13:11
In humans, probably not enough sense to understand when was the formation of the universe. If it has always existed, and if there was a beginning, what was before the beginning, where did the chemical elements. There may be other parallel worlds, from one of the world teleport chemical elements in the empty space, a new world, but even if so, where the beginning of the first world? They say that the universe is infinite, it is said because they can't see the end, for example if the person does not know how many grains of wheat in the bag, he says that a lot, it can be any number, for it is infinity. But if the universe is infinite, then there is no end, no limits, but where the dark if there's nothing there, because we have nothing to see, even in the dark, and if the end is, what the outside of this boundary. If man created Priroda, it means that she is smarter than the man, it turns out it is not, it could create the one who has the mind above human. Because the computer can't do that no man knew, the computer has the opportunities that are laid him in person.

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