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Chocolate is produced from cocoa beans. Cocoa beans are called seeds from the fruit of the cocoa-trees, which grow in warm and humid climate of North and South America, Australia and some Islands of Asia.

Fruit of the cocoa-trees
The fruit of the "chocolate tree".
Cocoa beans
Cocoa beans

Fresh cocoa beans have a bitter and astringent taste and a pale color. In order to get from cacao beans chocolate and subjected to complex technological processing: cleaned, sorted, roasted, ground cocoa nibs and grind it. It turns out liquor cocoa. It is subjected to pressing, which are the end products cocoa cake and cocoa butter. From cocoa cake get the cocoa powder. Depending on the method of processing cocoa powder comes in two flavors: cocoa powder for preparation of a drink cocoa, and cocoa powder production used to prepare the pastry.

For the production of chocolate cocoa powder pressed in the large "loaf".

Chocolate 'loaf'

Chocolates produced chocolate factories with the help of special equipment. Chocolate is fed into the hopper of the machine, where it is melted. In another Department is filling. Then the melted chocolate and the filling comes into molds for casting of candy that can be of different shapes and with different pattern on the surface.

After the form is molded, the mold comes to cooling. Chilled candy knock on the leaves.


In the wrapper wrapped candy wrapping machines. They are then Packed in boxes and transported to stores.

In this machine melts the chocolate

This machine prepares from molten chocolate chocolate icing.

Here are heated plastic molds.

Plastic trays filled with chocolate.

Forms with chocolate comes to cooling

This machine takes candy from plastic molds

Piped candy move to a packaging machine

Wrapping machine

The finished candy wrappers are Packed in boxes and sent to the packing Department

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