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Scientists-linguists still not agreed on this issue. There are three versions of Vozniknovenie the word "penny".

The first version. Russia had a wide circulation coins of Mongol Khan Kapeka (Quebec) - silver dinars. Khan Kepek conducted monetary reform, which introduced a new standard of currency: coins weighing more than 8 grams was called dinarama, less - dirhams. Dinara popularly became known as "Kepek Dinar" - Dinara Khan Cepaka. According to the first version of the appearance of the word "penny", the Russian princes were called small coins of their own coining this word.

    The objection. The word "penny" is beginning to take root in Russia from the time of the currency reform, Elena Glinskaya 1535-1538 years, when Khan Capece (1320) has long been forgotten and his money in Russia has not gone.

The second version belongs to the compiler znamenitogo dictionary - Vladimir Ivanovich dal. In this dictionary contained version of the origin of the word "penny" from the word "stash".

    The objection. In this case, it is unclear why "penny" was called this coin type, and not all the money in General.

The third version. On the first coin was a picture of a warrior with a spear. From the word "spear" and there was the word "penny". This version is supported and chronicle. So "Sofia the annals of" made such an entry, dated 1535:

"And when velikom Prince Vasily Ivanovich was the banner on the money: the great Prince at stake. and imja sword in hand; and the Prince of the night Ivan set them in Paradise banner on the money: the great Prince at stake, and imja spear in the hands and ottly prozvala money kopeyia".

    The objection. In Pskov the first chronicle of the word penny is mentioned in 1499 when listing prices of products.

Penny was first dubbed "the citizen of Novgorod" - Novgorod coin with the image of a spear warrior with a spear). At the same time there existed "Sabelli" ("salanity")- Moscow money with the image of the horseman with a sword. But the weight of Novgorod money was equal to 1/100 of a ruble, which was most convenient. Therefore Novgorod chasing with capachica moved to Moscow and that its name has spread.

Silver coins of the period of the reign of Ivan IV in comparison with modern penny of the Russian Federation (1997)


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