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To determine the freshness of eggs, there are many popular ways.

1. Inspect the shell eggs: fresh eggs shell solid. If the shell is soft, the egg definitely contaminated.

2. Fresh egg shines in the sun, that is, inside it you can see the yolk.

This phenomenon relies on a special device for radiographic eggs - ovoscope. It consists of a camera mounted on his lamp. The camera has an oval hole in the form of eggs. The fresh eggs when viewed using ovoscope content is not dark, almost transparent, and the yolk is less noticeable than the old one. In another ovoscope visible air chamber in the blunt end of the egg: during long-term storage it increases in size.

The ovoscope title=
The ovoscope

3. Shake well the egg in his hand. If you feel that the yolk is shifted from side to side, this egg is better to throw away.

4. Lower the egg into the water. A fresh egg will remain at the bottom, the old one will pop up.

5. Boiled fresh eggs are cleaned worse than the old ones. And from the old shell behind easily.

6. Put the egg on a flat surface on the table and much to scroll through it. A fresh egg will not spin at all. But stale egg is spinning freely.

7. A fresh egg is heavier than stale. But not all are able to determine the freshness of eggs by weight...

Did you know that...

  • The shelf life of table eggs - 25 days.
  • Eggs for freshness share on diet and eating. If an egg laid by chicken not later than seven days ago - egg diet, one week after its introduction, the egg passes into the discharge table.

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