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It is believed that the word MOM belongs to the same group of words that appeared to occur in people articulate speech. These words come from the child babble and represent the most important for each person concepts. These concepts are primarily kinship terms. The syllable "mA" is the simplest that can pronounce the baby. And the word MOM has occurred, as suggested, from the repetition of the syllable. Because the mother was the main man in the life of a kid in primitive times he spent with her, at her Breasts, all the while dad hunted and protected the family from enemies.

"Mama" is the first word of a man who has just appeared in the world. Maybe it was the first word of all mankind. Perhaps he and others like him "baby" began in ancient times our language.

Other simple syllables, which the child learns to pronounce in the first place, also appeared concepts denoting immediate family: PA-PA, Dublin core-Dublin core, tan-tan, BA-BA.

Family ties are the most important at all times, and the development of speech in children is generally similar manner. It is therefore not surprising that the vast majority of languages the most important for every person words sound similar. Russian children called her mother "mother," little French"Maman", German guys, "mother", English - "Mamma"Chinese"mother", Korean "omma".

But if you think that the word "mother" is everywhere, in all Nations of the world means, in the mouth of Babes "mother", you are wrong! The Georgians, for example, the word "mother" means not "mother", but just the opposite - "father"! But interestingly, the word for mother, in all languages consists of two identical syllables.

Did you know that...

The ancient Romans the word "Mamma" called the woman's breast-feeding baby milk. That is why we now have in Zoology class of mammals called the Latin word "Mammalia" (Mammalia).

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Russian mother, Georgian national Academy of Sciences
But avarski - affectionately Baba.
Of a thousand words land and ocean
This is a special fate.

Becoming the first word in the year of our lullaby
It is sometimes included in the smoky circle
And on the lips of a soldier in the fatal hour
The last call was suddenly.

This word does not lie shadows,
And in the silence, I guess because
The words of the other, on bended knee,
I wish to confess to him.

Spring, the service providing a jug
Blabbing this word because
That recalls a mountain summit
She is considered the mother of his.

And lightning cut through the cloud again,
And I will hear, for the rain watching
How are absorbed into the earth, this word
Vishnevaya droplets of rain.

Secretly sigh, something sorrowing,
And, hiding a tear in the clear light of day:
Don't worry, mother, I say,
All right, my dear, I have.

Worried about her son constantly,
Holy great love slave.
Russian mother, Georgian Nana
And avarski - affectionately Baba.

Rasul Gamzatov



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The Sweetheart-Goluboe
2014-04-16 22:07:13
I love my mother!
2014-02-19 19:12:30
Love your moms and dads
2014-01-09 06:46:27
my daughter told I'm surprised verse
2014-01-09 06:45:15
I liked all tembolee verse
2013-11-03 13:42:09
Very cognitive.
2013-10-31 12:03:43
and tatarski chest - "Emma"))
2013-10-01 14:43:17
The kind,good and beautiful creature in the world is our Mother even though she hurts us sometimes but we still love her!!
2013-09-23 19:55:36
Let's all embrace our moms!!
2013-09-22 19:37:12
2013-07-08 09:53:44
Just super

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