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Coffee beansthe Path of the coffee beans to our table starts from afar. In tropical areas of Africa, America and Asia are growing evergreen trees and shrubs of the family Rubiaceae. This collection brings together up to 5 thousand species, 50 of them are coffee trees, the fruit of which allow us to enjoy a delicious drink. Most coffee is produced on plantations of Brazil.

Raw coffee beans are painted in yellowish - or greenish-gray in color and have an astringent taste. In this form of the grain is still unsuitable for coffee. From grains to prepare enchanting drink, their fry until they turn brown. One of the popular varieties of coffee - Arabica - has the strong aroma. The second most popular type of coffee - Robusta. The aroma is weaker and the quality of the drink from Robusta lower than that of Arabica. But the cheaper Robusta, and in addition, this variety of coffee trees higher yielding and more disease resistant.

Popular all over the world networky coffee do from roasted coffee beans: they dehydrate and turn into powder or granules. If this powder is dissolved in water, the result is a drink similar in taste to real coffee, but with a weaker flavor. But instant coffee is very fast to cook and longer kept than coffee beans.



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