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The human brain, side viewthe Brain is like a Manager, managing all the human body. It receives signals from all organs and body parts and then sends them their orders.

The human brain consists of nerve cells, billions. Brain cells perform complex and varied work. Some are responsible for the functioning of the internal organs: heart, liver, lung, stomach; by the other we say, read, write, hear, see, move in space. The brain is enmeshed in a dense network of blood vessels through which the blood carries the oxygen to all its cells.

The brain is a great worker, he never rests, even when we sleep. At night he has a lot of work: it restores strength, tries to solve many problems that have accumulated during the day, to understand what has happened, remove emotional tension.

The human brain is the most complex organ, created by nature.



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Trunova Lisa 3 class
2013-12-11 16:28:20
Thank you, I am very interested. Now I know how does the human brain.
2012-03-18 19:26:08
it would be nice to write the names of brain cells.
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