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The human digestive systemdigestion Process consists of several stages.

First the food enters the mouth, we chew (i.e. grind and swallow.

Chopped food from the mouth through the mouth gets into the throat, which is the output for both food and air. Zev connects to the stomach esophagus that passes through the chest.

The stomach is the most important phase of digestion. Digestive juices released from the walls of the stomach, mixed with food and digest it, contributing to the absorption.

The stomach leads to a collapsed thin spiral intestine, which is a tube with a length of 6.5-7.5 meters. In the first part duodenum - digestion continues. Here food to help absorb the juices from the pancreas and liver. In subsequent parts of the small intestine digested food is absorbed into the blood through the intestinal wall.

The last part of the digestive tract is the large intestine. Here from the remnants of the food is absorbed into the blood and water are formed faeces. In addition to the water absorption in the colon is the final protein breakdown and synthesis of vitamins.

Ends with a colon anal (anal) hole.



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