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In order to have healthy teeth and gums very clean. Teeth should be cleaned properly. There are many methods for cleaning teeth, which differ in the nature of the movements of the toothbrush and the sequence of these movements. But all these methods can be classified in several General rules.

  1. The teeth should be brushed regularly. Ideally, it is good to brush your teeth after each meal, but this is not always possible. Therefore, it is necessary to brush your teeth at least twice a day - morning and evening, before bedtime.
  2. Before you brush your teeth, wash hands with soap and water.
  3. First you need to rinse your mouth with water and brush rinse.
  4. Pasta enough to squeeze the size of a pea.
  5. First of all, say how it is not necessary to brush your teeth: never do while brushing motion of the brush in a horizontal direction! Such movements you don't brush your teeth, and forcing the plaque from the tooth enamel in the teeth. And pull it very difficult. Thus begins the decay under plaque live bacteria that produce organic acids, and these acids destroy tooth enamel.
  6. Thus, movement of the toothbrush should be strictly vertical. The brush from side to side to move is not necessary, since such movements will have the same effect as horizontal.
  7. Start cleaning with the mandible with inner (lingual) surfaces of the teeth, then go to the upper jaw. Move the brush from the extreme of the teeth to the center and next to the other edge. Each segment of the dentition requires 10-15 movements of the brush.
    Cleaning the inside surfaces of the teeth
  8. Now proceed with cleaning the outer (buccal) surfaces of the teeth. Bristle normal toothbrush can take 3-4 tooth. To clear each such site, make on average 10 moves up and down.
    Cleaning the outer surface of teeth
  9. The front teeth should also be cleaned vertical movements, but at the same time to hold the brush parallel to the teeth uncomfortable, so you can put it perpendicular to the tooth row.
    Cleaning the front teeth
  10. Now you need to clean the chewing surface of the teeth. Here it is already possible to make movements along the tooth row, just do not need much to get involved - because you will strongly press the brush, the cleaning will not become effective. Need to do 10-15 movements on each side of the mouth outward (forward-backward).
    Brushing the chewing surfaces of the teeth
  11. In conclusion, you can make a few circular movements with the brush on the outer surface of the teeth.
  12. Mouth after brushing should be thoroughly rinsed with water from the toothpaste.
  13. The total duration of the procedure should be not less than 3 minutes. Each piece, as you remember, you must clear at least 10 movements of the brush. This amounts to 160 movements per jaw. Means for cleaning both jaws must be made 320 movements of the brush.
  14. Doctors advise to Supplement brushing cleaning the spaces between teeth. This is done using special dental floss. The thread is wound on the tips of the middle fingers and carefully clean the gaps between the teeth moves up and down. This should be done very carefully to avoid damaging the gums.
    Cleaning between the teeth with dental flossCleaning between teeth with dental floss



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Artem Bad
2014-04-29 16:58:38
super site
2014-02-21 00:09:07
super pedo will clean teeth:)
LISA, grade 3
2013-12-04 17:24:29
now I know how to brush your teeth, try to execute them
2013-05-22 09:46:22
super !!
2013-05-01 16:21:18
it's so great after proper brushing it no longer hurt
2013-01-10 14:58:42
super now I know how to brush
2011-11-25 23:38:40
good this site
2011-08-09 13:45:55
2011-03-20 15:17:23
before I was a regular customer at the dentist, but one day he told me to follow these simple rules for two years do not treat the teeth of all these rules actually work

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