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The plant consists of roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits.

Root drains from the soil water and nutrients, it also keeps the plant in the ground.

The stem water rises to all parts of the plant.

In the leaves, there are complex processes: using light, carbon dioxide, water they produce sugar, then starch, that differ in the plant. Through the leaves the processes of respiration and evaporation of excess moisture.

Flowers play an important role in plant reproduction.

The fruit is formed in place of the flower, it ripen seeds.

The sheet structure How does a plant
The sheet structure
1 - leaf blade; 2 - streaks; 3 - petiole; 4 - stipules; 5 - base sheet
How to plant:
1 - flower; 2 fruit; 3 - seed; 4 - sheet 5 - stalk; 6 - root.



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2014-03-24 20:09:32
This is the basis of life. I would like more. As they grow, where do I get the material? Minerals, water, air...
2014-03-04 19:43:25
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Krut helped me!!
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