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How to fly a helicopter?

On the roof of the helicopter there is a huge revolving screw, which acts as wings. This screw together with another screw, smaller raises the helicopter in the air and not only gives him fall, but also makes you fly. Screws, getting the blades of the air, as the oars water, aid the helicopter forward.

Of course, the helicopter is not such a big and powerful machine like an airplane, but it has advantages. For example, to make the landing, the aircraft must be prepared in advance, and it can take only where there is a long landing strip. And the helicopter can land on the ground directly, without running, and to a small clearing. Helicopters even on the roofs of houses down! To fly the helicopter can immediately, and the aircraft must be at least 1 kilometer for overclocking. And the helicopter can hang in the air, between heaven and earth. This is very convenient if you need in a place to throw them on the ground cargo or people to pick up - they are the ladder you will climb into the cab, and the helicopter will fly further.


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