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Owls and owl very well see in the dark. During the day they hide, because they do not like daylight, and at night go hunting. But only the perception that the owls don't see anything during the day, it's just fiction. The owl, for example, sees perfectly the day, even at great distances.

The eyes of owls and owls something similar to a cat: a huge, round and look straight forward. But move the eyes, as a man, the owl can't. But she is able to rotate the head in different directions by 180 degrees, and sometimes on all 270. World for owls appears to be black-and-white - and why they night color vision? Their large eyes are arranged so that excellent catch even the faintest light. Therefore, they are well known not only in twilight and at night. Previously, it was commonly believed that they are able to see in total darkness, and therefore believed that the night owl hunts only with the aid of vision. However, experiments have shown that there is a limit of visual acuity and owls in absolute darkness she, like us, sees nothing. Moreover, it was found that the owl not only sees warm, that is, infrared radiation, but does not perceive even the red light. For example, captured and imprisoned in a dark room owl does not see the mouse not only in darkness but in the light of the mouse red light. But is the mouse in or to move, as she immediately it is thrown.

In absolute darkness, what usually happens in the long autumn nights, owl hunts, guided only by hearing. The owls and owls are very sensitive hearing, they can hear the slightest rustle, thanks to him to determine the distance and direction.

Owl is an extremely useful birds. When mice happens a lot, owls consume exclusively these harmful rodents, not touching other animals. Exterminating rodents, owls bring great benefits to agriculture and forestry.

Filin Owl
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2013-12-15 18:18:27
Well, a good answer but what I need to do this sorry okay I'll go look!
2013-09-18 11:47:49
It would be nice to mention what the difference between owl and eagle owl.
2013-04-13 10:35:01
Anastasia, tell me then, if owls orientation with hearing, why do they have such big eyes?
2013-04-11 16:01:07
Maybe I am wrong, can you. But owls Vice versa as well as the day people see good and bad night. Hunt at night they have good hearing.
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