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How invented paper?

The first paper was introduced into Europe from the East. It was invented in China around 105 year Cai LUN. He found a way to make paper from the fibrous inner bark of the mulberry tree. The Chinese pounded bark in water to separate the fibers, then they poured the mixture on the trays at the bottom of which was a long narrow strips of bamboo. When the water drained away, soft leaves are laid out to dry on a flat surface. For this purpose used the bamboo and old rags. So of the crust was paper.

Traders from China traveled far to the North and West, and came to the city of Samarkand. There Arabs have adopted their secret and brought him to Spain. From there the art of making paper was spread around the world.

European scientists of that time came up with the idea to use for making paper linen and cotton fabric, these materials also consist of fibers, only long.

Since the nineteenth century, the paper is made mainly from wood. Much time was needed to ensure that people have learned to make paper on which I am writing, printing books and Newspapers.

Paper (from the Italian word "bam-bagia" cotton - material mainly from plant fibers.


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