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How people learned to count?

Primitive people did not know the figures, but could be considered. How? And very easy on the fingers. It fingers were the first images of numbers, and if you want, the first "calculator". It is necessary, for example, to add three to five, please, " bent 5 fingers on one hand and 3 on the other. Bent fingers, then made the addition, straightened - subtraction. Well, if the fingers are not enough, you can use the toes. This fact, according to many scientists, was the reason that modern man believes in tens.

Later instead of fingers for counting started to use the notches on sticks. And when I started writing for numbers began to use letters. For example, the Slavs letter And meant the number "one" (B. did not have numeric values), In two, three D. four E. five.

Gradually people became aware of the number regardless of the items and persons who could be subject to account: just the number "two" or the number "seven". In this regard, the Slavs came the word of the number. The value of the account, the amount, the number of" it came into use in the Russian language from the ELEVENTH century.

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