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The whistle is included in the lexicon adults. But angry, they urcat. Ainuu swearing alone is associated with a Bang boat motor, coming from afar, while others believe that Irina verbal sparring is similar to drumming. But on tender their sounds I have nothing to say. And indeed from a hedgehog or from eiichi hard to wait affection.

Some iederal complained that the night could not get around the room without shoes, for fear of being bitten or pricked. Nothing can be done - deceptive mask eccentric good-natured beings. In Russia, this has led to the popular saying: "I do every beast, and you, hedgehog - climate".

Employee of the Leningrad Institute of evolutionary physiology and biochemistry I. C. Malyukova, trying to develop 45 hedgehogs conditional reflexes on the square, triangle, cross and circle, confirms the old saying: "Because hedgehogs are extremely aggressive animals, they must be kept in separate cells." In her experiments Jerzy never tried to correct errors quickly, all was forgotten and from small changes to the environment would fall into the "long aggressive neurotic state.

Occasionally urchins feed something like affection for cats: I like to play with their tail. If you try to play with a hedgehog, as a kitten to tease a piece of paper on a string, he is angry, hardly a piece of paper will affect needles, sverepec, snorts, trying to tear her to shreds.

Raging tenant can be calm: call bell, and he will tremble with fear. And here is what says zoologist L. L. Semago. "Both ordinary and long-eared hedgehogs.- S. C.) can't stand Cocagne, which touch the horse. For each sound, as it is often neither repeat the hedgehog starts, first, trying to curl up, but then, unable to bear the torture, scoots".

Sometimes Jerzy away with such speed, that's amazing. And the most nimble species of hedgehogs, perhaps... But not going to break the usual rule is that the conclusion must conclude reasoning, rather than precede them. Now, a few years ago, a fellow anti-plague station of the Kazakh Railways N. 3. Nastyukov was faced with the need to sort out eleven and a half thousand einich bones. To sort them, it was necessary for facilities: this stone served as a support in the body of an ordinary hedgehog, this - eared, this is a long-spined. In order not to spend a lot of time on the examination of each bone, he decided to find the difference in the structure of the legs hedgehogs in one form or another. And that's the kind of conclusion came: the ordinary hedgehog legs shorter and more massive than the long-eared. Especially great is the difference in the structure of the femur. The lengths nologo same hedgehog legs and the whole skeleton is the epitome of elegance. This is the explanation: long-spined representative of our fauna easy going, loves to run in the mountains and valleys and not engaged in gross job bulldozer - no digging holes and hiding in crevices or under stones. He is the fastest.

However, it may be that the suburban barbed Bumpkin avoid earthworks. This is another thread in the tangle of contradictions, has embraced the hedgehog: in many publications argues that ordinary hedgehog winter constructs a major monastery in the sixth volume of the Handbook "Life of animals", released in 1971, indicated that near Moscow, Leningrad and other large cities not found any wintering holes. Meanwhile, ordinary hedgehogs here "very ordinary".

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