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In fairy tales and cartoons are hedgehogs and Eiji. Natural prickly mummies and daddies similar like solid color cars of the same brand. On this occasion, was published this story. It happened in the UK. In the reserve it was necessary to release thousands of sand dollars and thousand of IIH. Wanted them to be caught here, played the wedding and started destroying snails, which will save no. But how to find out the sex of the hedgehog? How to determine who is who, so to speak, at first sight?

Sought clarification from the experts. The said eye to accurately know the woman can only hedgehog.

Unreal and stories about friendly Irineu family: dad prefers to throw the family in the lurch, or in the most solemn day of calving, or runs away even earlier. (In captivity is the tragedy: mother eats newborn whether because there is no water, or other reason). Care of the offspring (usually five twins) fall on the shoulders of barbed mother. However, concerns not only God knows what: two months ezhata lead a completely independent life. Often the family is falling apart before children run after forty days.

But while babies - children, mother cherishes them as they can. If a nest is found, takes their children to another location. Walks with them on walks.

Lost, hedge kid screaming dead - scary because one in this huge world. If brothers and sisters side by side, the funny thing is butting in like kids. His mother talking with Itami typically by whistling.

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