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Hedgehogs eat too, and probably not without pleasure. The owl, for example, sometimes swallowing them straight needles. About a Fox we have already spoken.- Do not refuse meat in barbed packaging and athletes - Amur tigers. In the Leningrad region was tracked down as one marten dug hibernating hedgehog from a rotten stump, and the other in an abandoned hut ended the life of three sleeping hedgehogs.

Sometimes hungry people did not disdain eratini. Sometimes cooked in a pot, sometimes the animal was covered with wet clay and laid them on the fire, occasionally turning. When clay as hardened, the dish was removed from the fire and stripped clay, and with it the needle. This does the cooking was usually done Western vagrants. We have hedgehogs, fortunately, fry is not accepted. But here is a recent message from Kustanai region indicate that some citizens attacked hedgehogs, considering, if verhalen not einoe meat, not the fat, not the bones.

Most likely, this is clearly wrong. Anyway, having studied several ancient "pharmacognosy", in which a great many unthinkable potions from the horns, hooves and other animal accessories, I have not found a single standing means prigotovlyalos of the hedgehog. For the longest time in sorcery held the ashes of burnt animal, but it is because of the uselessness was left in the beginning of the last century. Isn't it better to treat ailments not a hedgehog, and medicines from the pharmacy?

And all of hedgehog in everyday life is useless. Even iron fist will not do. However, when the peasants were tied prickly skin on the nose of the calf to the cow drove their child from the udder full of milk. In Ancient Rome ezinye spines were considered excellent comb for combing wool. Here, perhaps, and all...

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