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...And as some have the heart to say that the hedgehog is not the beast? Beast, what! His Zoological questionnaire sounds impressive. Class - mammals, a subclass of real animals, infraclass - higher animals, squad - insectivores, family - rod.

Prickly neighbor got in insectivorous not due to the dreary monotonous menu, but because he has the most primitive teeth among the higher animals. If you see a hedgehog in your mouth, into your mind scientifically reliable pun: the hedgehog belongs to the lowest group of the higher mammals. Well, from primitiveness he does not suffer.

The animal with the short name, a long history. The ancestors of this living fossil began to trample the earth 135 million years ago, and einy race during this time, fell into such a scrape, what we are and it is difficult to imagine. By the way, all relatives hedgehog is easy to learn - on their indigenous teeth has a pattern similar to either "W"or "V".

Long-eared hedgehog runs much better than ordinary brother. And where zadiristiy it really a bully. And tries more to prick. But that wasn't the highlight - eared bully tolerate heat better than this champion of overheating, as the tortoise. Here it a lot of help ears - they, as radiators, radiate, remove heat from the body...

Yet Pallas was surprised how quietly Jerzy tucking beetles, blister beetles, throat filled with cantharidin, which in other animals is causing catarrh of the stomach or fatal inflammation of the kidneys. Weakly act on barbed supermen and poisonous arsenic, prussic acid, and a terrible sublimate. Even opium few tourmanium. But to strychnine hedgehogs are just as sensitive as other earthly creature. But the stings of bees they transcend.

But about the attitude of the hedgehog to leave and poisonous snakes in popular science and in the scientific literature is full disagreement. Some claim that he sleeps and sees would be an adder or Viper. Others argue that this step he dares not from a good life, if not very varied menu. Third fervently argue that the Viper here at all to do with what is supposedly the hedgehog it does not touch either in the forest or in the cage.

But on the stability of hedgehog to snake poison, there is no dispute - very stable, but not enough to feel invincible.

Most likely, the hedgehog will not miss any chance to eat, even a Viper. And is unlikely to be able to distinguish the adder of the adder. Here are the words from the book of doctor of biological Sciences Professor C. N. Shnitkova: "Grabbing a snake by the tail, Jerzy now he began to eat, not paying attention to what the snake wriggled and hissed". Brehm described the battle of the hedgehog with the vipers. Usually the battles are over peregryzaniya Paducheva ridge, after the snake in a blind rage, biting needles, consumed poison. Sometimes there are failures: "This hedgehog other Viper bite in a few days right in the face. He began to RUB himself face front legs, grunted and champed finally curled, deep and hard breathing and at times much trembling. Unfolded it is only one hour, and his muzzle was badly swollen. He greedily drank cold milk, avoided solid food, and didn't toporder needle when it is touched. After another hour he drank another saucer of milk, curled up in the corner and an hour later he died in a continuous convulsions".

Strange thing: eccentric hedgehog sorry to tears, and eaten them elegant snake - bit. But the mind that understands that the snake is no worse and maybe better hedgehog, if to compare them according to the criterion of the so-called useful and harmful animals.

A zoologist has calculated how many infections need to eat a prickly pet, to how to eat: snake sixty centimeters in length, two frogs, three rhinoceros beetles and grasshoppers! And where does this all fit?

Beetles and other bugs hedgehog first presses a paw, and then takes the teeth. With heavy food, fleeing, is different - first minces near the victim, and then, bending down his head, bites his teeth into it from above. And now its not going to miss it.

The hedgehog is not prowling through the woods like a hunting dog - he zigzags not like it. He usually straight and monotonous. While he was prowling in search of poivy, he kept drooling mouth. And nose dripping. Maybe it is necessary for the best sense of smell? Anyway, tiny ezinye eye on spit't see it, but the scent is he really a dog.

The chewing muscles and jaw prickly beast - excellent crusher. Any tendons against them not to resist. But the tendon is a delicacy, because not every hedgehog lives near dustbin full of eatables. Away from human habitation features modest. However, there are some delicacies and his black bread. In the Novgorod region barbed prefer four-legged larvae of mosquito-Dolganov, in Chuvashia - beetles in the Stavropol region of ground beetles, although everywhere will devour anything that will turn up.

In Western European beech forest once at the crime scene found about a hundred hedgehogs: they dug up the seeds beeches. Germinated seeds of mighty trees one after the other disappeared under barbed skin, only a shell, like the peel of sunflower seeds, flew to the side. In our country hedgehogs can be as ruthless with acorns. They love and raspberries, and strawberries, sometimes do not give up and plant another 30 species. There are also quite a strange affection. For example, a home hedgehog downright lost consciousness, barely any whiff of melon.

In the middle belt of barbed glutton is a welcome guest on the plot. He's not going to ruin ridge with cabbage or tomatoes, and earnest will do garden snails, slugs and caterpillars, which only cause trouble.

Now from hunters heard complaints einoe menu. And not because he casually sagrinae tiny newborn Bunny is rare. Alas, any hedgehog is ready for anything to drink egg. In coop it is not invited, so he takes those eggs, which, from his point of view, bad lie - laying birds nesting on the ground. In Askania-Nova reserve one time with hedgehogs more and more troublesome were not - they ruined all the pheasants nest. Primitive teeth nipping transgressor ground nests are eggs and Chicks grouse, quail, partridge, snipe and even woodcock. But the hunters, regretting ruined bird lives, recognize that the hedgehog is not so bad - powered 250 species of invertebrates. Only evil may beetles and their larvae in his insatiable womb disappears big set.

Walking the same opinion about hedgehogs as fighters mice is not shared by all experts. Not without some good cause claim that prickly Bumpkin normal, healthy mouse doesn't catch. Besides, not once seen as the nimble mouse was not afraid to lap milk from one saucer with furious from such insolence hedgehog.

In respectable publications lead opposite facts: the hedgehog is able to get the mouse out of the ground. If your dog's instinct it detects the mouse housing and digs the hole. And in a city apartment seems to be cracking down on mice not worse than cats. There is such saying: "Death to the victim, a mouse, hedgehog will not fail to leave next urine - smelling label!"

Somehow, it all fits in one hedgehog, not a knight, and illegible glutton.

Now let us turn to the immortal lines of the "Golden calf". Let us recall how Vasisuali Lokhankin night "stood at the open door of the buffer back to the bed, and loudly slurp. Impatience and greed he bent down, prototypal foot in the green toe and issued nose whistling and squelching sounds. Because pricescope relation to his lawful wife Vasisuali stopped eating during the day and was filled under cover of darkness. Hedgehog, as Vasisuali, chomps at night, but barbed ladylove nothing to do with it. Here is a complete embarrassment - the woman also chomps at night. She also doesn't care about the rest of others. Night barbed tribe downright raspojsalsj. It considers that any calls for silence to observe no: moves to the noisy, puffs and snorts. How many birds, how many bugs and worms that noise in mortal fear of heart!

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