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I wrote there any differences about the hedgehog, and some will think that this beast explored. Nothing of the kind. In studies of the notes of the Moscow University in 1884 was published detailed description einich needles made Century Lvov. A little later there were about tubular glands on the soles of the feet. And here's the first article about such an important body as the solar plexus, was published only in 1972. However, in this article the question was not about how does a living battery power, but only on its structure.

Some are convinced that our prickly neighbor - mind Commerce. Inexperienced person to that may tip and a small table in the textbook S. P. Naumov "vertebrate Zoology", which shows the ratio of the size of the brain and spinal cord of animals. For example, the rooster brain weighs one and a half times more than the spinal cord, cat - three, the dog - in-five, and of the hedgehog - seven times more! Do hedgehog smarter than dogs? No. He and the spinal cord is not enough. Whether hedgehog long snake, the table would have looked differently.

The hemispheres of his brain so small that even loosely cover the cerebellum. The best-developed olfactory brain. It is clear that the olfactory Department is not very "poliobraces". And really, to teach hedgehog fold and unfold on command or to open and close the door in the box, you need angelic patience.

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