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The calf is born without horns, elephant or marzook - without tusks, but hedge kid is born with needles on the head. Newborn "pulls" only twelve grams. And this thing is already armed, already cut! But at the time of the child needles he are soft, not to hurt the mother. However, two weeks needles already.

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Ezinye needle akin to our hair. Old fall (a few pieces a day), in their place grow new ones. This age-old process well-balanced - neither bald nor excessively overgrown hedgehogs have not yet seen. However, in the deserts of Central Asia inhabits the hedgehog, which in science is called bald, but I assure you he isn't bald.

And the urge to use Irineu the needle as a measuring tool. The more that the needle does not need to look for in a haystack. Now, the common hedgehog (that is its scientific name), the ears and tail of the size of the needle and the body length of no more than ten needles, arranged in single file.

The common hedgehog, which is in the middle belt of the country literally get under our feet, needles smooth. Their length is not more than three centimeters. Long-eared hedgehog (nickname really hit the bull's-eye), living to the South, not only the ears, but the needle is longer. And their surface is not smooth, with longitudinal ridges and crests. All hedgehogs needles are hollow, so as not to carry on the back excessive weight. For the strength they are equipped with sophisticated partitions. Outside the middle of the needle is usually yellowish, as the fingers of the smoker.

Needle not only protection from adversaries. It is also fit for climbing. For example, a hedgehog it is easy to climb on the dining table, resting his feet in his leg, and needles in the wall.

Irina protection stands up on end with the powerful ring of muscle, starting at the thick tendons of the neck. Something similar is with us - thanks subcutaneous muscles we can make funny faces, without them we wouldn't have facial expressions. Prickly ball, no matter what face he made, the cuff will not give. However, the hedgehog is a way: giving him the position, what it takes when you walk, you can smooth needle, moving the hand from front to back. Lace (thick edges of the ring muscles will weaken and dissolve muscular bag.

By the way, the hedgehog is not exceptional in terms of twisting. Well-known mole sleeps too curled velvet ball. In the balloon is collapsed and the inhabitant of South America battleship. Other so curdle, and that the slits will not find.

How to persuade the Armadillo rasplastalsya, I don't know. And for hedgehogs there are several compulsory methods. The magic effect of the water we have already spoken. But you can do without moisture. It is worth to put in the nose of tobacco smoke, and the animal will Turmanidze will stretch and unsteady steps walked to get some fresh air. The reason is that when the twisting light animal crushed, sedentary, very little tobacco smoke can cause fainting.

Changes in the body twisted in a knot" hedgehog interested physiologist L., Filatov. Here is what she learned. Immediately after hibernation in the blood of a prickly tangle very little oxygen. But in the lungs is an enormous concentration of carbon dioxide is 12 percent. Unprecedented case among mammals! Due to the fact that in the lungs as much carbon dioxide, the delivery of oxygen to tissues more difficult. It is close to the idea that hedgehogs should be asthma, or at least the polls to suffer shortness of breath. However, neither they don't do stupid stuff. Their helps are extremely low excitability of the brain respiratory center - he just doesn't pay attention to gas problems in the lungs.

Curled-up hedgehog in fifteen minutes, half reduces the consumption of oxygen. Don't worry, he will not choke will help the skeletal muscles. She was so relaxed that will cease to live, will no longer require oxygen. For example, almost disappears at the electrical activity of the muscles of the legs.

At first glance, twisted hedgehog is not sweet. The opinion of physiologists is: "the Complete relaxation of the muscles of the limbs, and may be of the neck muscles and the abdominal muscles, leads to a drastic limitation of the oxygen query in terms of the curl". Therefore, curled up in a ball hedgehog comes commendable - saving oxygen.

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