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...Bringing a woodsman home, put many small tenant in the pelvis and are engaged in sanitation with water and detergent. Fleas and ticks this puzzle harm little causes, and to a hedgehog it is probably the sheer torture, the torment of torments. Because he is afraid of water more than fire! And good intention turns into torture.

Overlap it? Let's discuss it. Jerzy scared of the rain, they don't live near swamps and generally don't like the raw terrain. This is the time. Water somehow deprives them of protection - prickly ball unfolds. It is two. Under natural conditions, water treatments urchins satisfied with their enemies. It is three.

Since the days of Alfred Brema through the pages of books and magazines roams the story of sly hungry Fox. Brehm stated that she had a happy hedgehog a bath, pouring prickly ball of his own urine, and he unfolds himself to death in unprotected abdomen stick predatory teeth. In old and very old books are full of stories about dogs (they mostly hedgehogs for some reason I can't stand), which rolled paw prickly ball to the pool to finish him once and for all.

One way or another, but for the hedgehog, the basin of water is worse than the pistol.

The hedgehog does not like when his turn, and if you're eager to consider it from the bottom, up high...

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