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I prickly grey hedgehog,
From me you will not leave
Will unstitch your fur,
Give me cock!
S. Y. Marshak. Teremok.

They say every coin has a flip side. And hedgehog - amused them, you can play with and to encephalitis. This is perhaps the darkest side of his biography. Clumsy tromble, wandering through the forest, needle-like brush, sceneway on many ticks, Karaulova lunch on kowalko and the blade. Hedgehog for bloodsuckers better manna from heaven immediately and chic style, and secure shelter. Comb tormentors he cannot and feeds them, while among those needles have completed all phases of its development: larvae, nymphs, adults... the beast is hiding so much stuff that Parasitologists in natural foci of encephalitis and tularemia often base their calculations on the so-called "every hour". It is not that other, as the number of ticks, involuntarily collected hedgehog for the hour run through the woods.

You have to think that the hedgehog himself not in delight from the crowd ticks, the feasting among the needles. Body itched dreadfully want to scratch it. And this, alas, is impossible. Why nature has not supplied him with a long claw on one of the legs? There is a sort of carding device from another prickly beast - porcupine. Sitting porcupine and itches his health. And at the same time, can be happy in all keys repeats the great dictum of Kozma prutkov, they say, it is very difficult to cum is a serious matter, as to scratch where they itch.

Constant itching to make crazy. Is this why so many hedgehogs with grumpy character?

However, hedgehogs fight with evil spirits. And, moreover, from a human point of view, the latest method: start in the course of chemical weapons. Of course, animals do not have the ability to sprinkle themselves bustami or spray aerosols. Everything is easier. Let me remind you about the photos where not a vegetarian and also is not Thrifty hedgehog removed from Apple on the back. Some zoologists tend to think that hedgehogs raceplay apples, that sour juice "messed up life" fleas and other torturers. In captivity Jerzy Lovcen and tobacco - try to stick needles in dropped owner of cigarettes. Like they put on themselves and very fragrant cloth that can also be a kind of disinfection.

That is to say, one point of view. And here's another, set out in their excellent book, S. A. Korytina "Smells in the life of animals": "hedgehogs exists a unique manner, called Western zoologists "samoupravlenie": various odorous substances (tobacco, pot, glue, and so on) are abundant saliva, which they smear all over the body".

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