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I prickly grey hedgehog,
From me you will not leave
Will unstitch your fur,
Give me cock!
S. Y. Marshak. Teremok.

From children's books the way of the hedgehog-knight moved into our souls. But, alas, the hedgehog is not what it is presented poems, stories or cartoons. I don't want to disparage the owner of barbed skins, on the contrary, try to be objective.

Perhaps you had a chance to read or hear "funny" story as a happy family one day went out of town, met hedgehog (Oh, how cute!) and, without a moment's hesitation, took it with him. Let milage year will live in the apartment, poterit son or daughter. Usually in the middle of a story told how and what the hedgehog ate, where they hid socks owners and where he slept. In the final delightful twists and turns often seemingly triumphed morality: the enthusiastic oohs and ahs prickly ball return freedom. And admire ashamed. Will live toy after unnatural pleasure and gluttony in a city apartment to live in the forest? Saved it from enemies? Will the city hedgehog nature again to play the role, which from time immemorial is it evolution?

People! Adults and children! Remember and take to heart the wonderful words of Antoine de Saint-Exupery: "You are responsible for all who tamed".

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