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Late autumn holders barbed service preparing for winter. First of all stop eating to cleanse the bowel before a long stagnation. Voluntary hunger strike, perhaps so "surprised" former gluttons that impaired coordination of movements - hedgehogs rocking from side to side. Maybe they feel dizzy from the memories of how they are earnest in the summer of stored fat, as well as ascorbic acid and vitamin E? In winter, they need not less fat, for regulate metabolism by flowing into hibernation and when you exit it. In addition, in late autumn in the body hedgehogs bleeding, which was not enough adrenaline, preventing sleep.

Recently in the Tyumen region (and not only here?) Jerzy before hibernation celebrated a strange ritual. Gathered on the lawn of several tens, barbed brethren were together for a long time. What is the meaning of a kind of hangout? Why animals-individualists pulled to each other?

Let's hope that the early snowless frosts killed hedgehogs, which, after a day out in fallen leaves, could strike it on the needles, so that the bed was softer. Not to lie as dead 127 days on hard! By the way, nothing unusual in einem winter sleep no - marmot, for example, sleeps 163 days, gopher - 156.

Imagine that the animal with the shortest name (forgive me too, which is too short) peacefully asleep. Breathing weakened, the heart beats barely. Body temperature dropped from 34 degrees to two. The hedgehog was cold-blooded. Hunched insectivorous animal spends the winter. Such winters it may be six or older hedgehogs in nature are not met. Particularly high infant mortality - ezhata-first-years, being without parental care, not being able how to get a job for the winter, often freeze. Experienced, cognized for his prickly skin, how much is a pound down and out, are in a cold-blooded unconsciousness, until a biochemical clock doesn't Wake them just in time. Let the spring day, warm sun and warmer ten degrees. The hedgehog and the ear does not guide will sleep until the end of night frosts.

In the spring of hedgehog, a flat fat, like a rag. Body flattened, spiny skin is loose, like on the hanger. And if in the summer, he was rummaging in search of food in the dark, now chomps almost around the clock.

We returned to the subject, which seems to be already says it all. And yet - no, not all. In some places Italy unprecedented bred snakes. They crawl even in the city of the trees moving in the apartment. Had to open the points on the provision of health care bitten. The reason snake invasion is simple - almost disappeared their enemies: hedgehogs and birds of prey.

Now we come to the main point, a biological equilibrium. To paraphrase the words of the poet, it is possible to declare: beasts of all sorts of important animals all need! There is even a sort of prayer for the health of the hedgehog, which was written by French writer Maurice Genevois: "do not cook it in the pot over the fire some tramp, let him not leave spread blood on the road, gritting his tires and flashing lights, racing madly car".

The menagerie at the porch

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