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Zoologists believe that the life of the hare no more than nine years, although one marked rosacea managed not to fall under the mower or canine teeth for 13.5 years. The age of males is shorter - in five years they parted with his life. But the sex ratio among cleft of people one to one. And therefore, long-eared society is not susukita and not gossips about marriages with big age difference. It all starts with the fact that the elderly or the young bride leaves on snow blue spots, which can find her boyfriend, hovering at this time like crazy throughout the County. And the bride in a special way, knocking his feet on the ground. If it will come several breathless gentlemen, that, forgetting her manners, they immediately begin to tickle each other so that almost tear opponents ears.

In the mating ritual includes the so-called clockone - whistling call long-eared ladies, which you can emulate a particular reed. Here are memories of the good sense of humor. "Once, on my whistle jumped hare, and stopping steps 12, stared at me and my dog. Finally he began to move away, but I gave again the same sound, and the hare appeared again. I continued this exercise five or six times. While the hare ran so close that my dog started to growl, which, however, was not frightened. Finally he sat down steps 70 from us, continuing to watch, until he was startled passing cyclist". Brave four-legged boyfriend probably was waiting for that from somewhere under his feet raffled his men will leave the family of the bride. Unfortunately, this Pishchik use and poachers. And then instead of the wedding is death.

To make full calf, rosacae need 50 days. Zichichi, brought in distant Australia, found a way to pass the time: the second child, sometimes just following behind the first 25-30 days and appear not noobs. The specialists of this incredible fact is explained by the ability of females hare to get pregnant, yet give birth". Ah Yes zichichi! Don't think that I wrote, right, to come up with this I just can't - so say three respected foreign zoologist and two of their Soviet colleagues.

Now in our country almost no down boundaries - natural shelter Rusakov. Across the vast fields scurry tractors, seeders, mowers, harvesters, and combing the neighborhood people, cars and motorcycles. And rosacae go at all serious to adopt babies. In the spring bunnies found under protivoponosnye shields, near haystacks, in the weeds, in the surviving clumps of bushes, a pile of logs on the edge of the field, on the mound near electric poles. In the GDR rosacae give birth in manure, taken to the field (it's warmer), in brush piles and in hedges of BlackBerry...

Newborn rabbit weighs about a hundred grams. This kid barely born, well-dressed in fur, sees everything and can even run! And after two or three days it will not reach. Force grant maternal milk, which is probably not the milk and concentrate of 12% protein, 15% fats, and other nutritious substances. Drinking this mixture, the rabbit can survive four days, hiding under a Bush or in the pit waiting for the mother. Up to 17 days the rabbit, though it has started to eat grass, can not do without milk, and then, when the mother will be gone forever, live for some time the so-called child family stick together, so it was not very scary.

Well here at happy time hare childhood, to finish the essay, put the point of having kids in the big life, the good wishes...

However, some of us from the rabbits are not happy. Than mitigate such people? Maybe the fact that in 1860 published in our country "country paper" the surest means of saving the trees of the garden from rabbit teeth considered being covered crust with a mixture of crushed powder and fried pork fat? Perhaps, too platted consolation. Isn't it better to use a decoction of tobacco, fish oil or copper sulphate? Chemists same as repellent funds offer cyclohexylamin and other sophisticated products.

In Brazil imported and bred there Rusakov scare away from fruit trees as old as the world rosin. In our country the most affordable and the most effective coating is considered here is the following mixture: 1000 trees take 5 kg of Laundry soap, 30 grams of vegetable oil, 300 g of technical turpentine, 250 g of naphthalene, 150 g of copper sulphate in 15 liters of water. Soap and chemicals dissolve in hot water separately, and then mixed.

Hares three to four weeks kinda hung on cords or wire strips of shiny metal or bright red rags. Well then get used to it. And in Hungary do even better. To the hungry rabbits in the winter he did not interfere in the gardens and orchards, somewhere in the fields leave unharvested strips of annual plants and arrange for long-eared vegetarians feeding alfalfa and clover hay.

But we were not born yesterday. Only in the forests of the Leningrad region and only from 1960 to 1962 appeared 15 000 simplest eating hares-white hairs. To the animals ate, people cut young osinki.

Right - live and let live!

But, alas, nowhere hares is no escape from the hunters, which serves a variety of tips, including these: "Among hunters still quite frequent attempts to kill or to pin down a wounded hare butt of the gun. Such attempts in the best case lead to breakage of the neck of the bed... a Wounded hare need or doctrinal, or caught by the hind legs, to raise and finish blow ribs hands behind the ears" (Rusanov, J. S. Hunt hares. M, 1973).

And whether after such to assure that Amateur hunting is a joyful communion with nature?

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