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Alas, we cannot do without utilitarian reasoning. So, foodies write like meat homebrew rabbits are not as tasty as wild, probably because the homebody lack of movement. In Russia for a long time farmers rabbits do not eat - hunted only for the beautiful, but not very durable skins, an indispensable raw material for the production of felt. Manufactured and skins. In the second volume Children's encyclopedia", released in 1914, printed pictures processing hare fur factory in the Vladimir province. In the caption to one of the photos says that the hare skin so thin that requires delicate handling, and because the skin of a hare gently crumple hands, and not by hook or knife. But let's hope that with the hare, about which we are talking about, the skin will not despise.

In the old days was assured, as if it is a sin to obgadyat hare bones and generally eat their meat. The fact that the silent hare, being caught by a dog or wounded hunter, crying exactly as a human baby, and dying, front legs fold cross on the breast. Here is the opinion of the pre-revolutionary Siberian fishers about all this. Hare "shouts, born as man, and dies as a man; I suppose, no other creature of the front legs cross will not lay down, you know there's a bear lying dead on his back, Adali clean Baba, and lots of Boobs on the front, and even paws, brother, the cross will not lay down, no, so, then, God shows".

Nobles didn't care for this kind of arguments, and they were shooting rabbits hurl. Only one Grand-Ducal hunting near St. Petersburg, near the village of the rifle units in December 1899 were killed 566 hares-white hairs.

Tech years, about God and the common people forgot and stopped squeamish hare. Fortunately her some time was enough. In 1940, in our country has stockpiled more than eight million hare pelts, in 1966 about a million, but in 1979 a total of 782 000, much less than, say, muskrat. The number of hares fluctuates with a period of approximately seven to ten years. After the "population explosion" of animals mow diseases such serious, and list them don't want to. For example, they are plagued by parasites-hookworms that in the full sense of the word clog the lungs (in some animals found in 2000 these torturers), pseudotuberculosis, tularemia... Except disease and bad weather, our long-eared neighbors spoil pesticides and poisoned grain, which spread to kill mice.

Agricultural techniques, perhaps worse pesticides, guns and hounds dogs together. For example, in Ukraine during harrowing, cultivation, mowing and harvesting grain killed the third part of hares, which because of their habit to hide no time at the last moment to escape from the latest wide high-speed mechanisms. In addition to all these troubles, there are many hares kill stray dogs and cats, which was more than foxes. Cats joking prey on hares, and big cats sometimes lurk and adults Rusakov. So eternal hare enemy - Fox somewhere pushed back to third place. Then hare suffer from hawks and crows, and after them the extent of the damage seems to follow the wolves.

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