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To keep rabbits in captivity it is simple. That's just they get cold often, especially hare, if a cell without a roof, and nowhere to run. In Western Europe, a pioneer cellular breeding rabbits is considered one Mr. Roux, who owned land near the French town of Angouleme. In 1846 his sizeterm consisted of one male and two females, which a year later was given 20 bunnies. Adults and calves fed Ru as well as rabbits. Since then much water has flown in 1975 the French sizevery grew 20 000 Rusakov. Half of them were released into the hunting grounds, and the rest sold as producers. In Siberia and the European part of the country has long been held hares. Let us recall the picture of the Century Serov Portrait K. A. Obninsk with the Bunny", created in 1904. Good and intelligent woman gently hugs the clinging to her long-eared baby.

Experts wrote that breeding rabbits in captivity, see: how some of them are calm, not angry, others angry or fearful, some are cheerful and happy, while others capricious. Claim that character is reflected even in appearance and therefore can easily understand who is who in the company's long-eared, if the expression hare's face changes depending on life conflicts.

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