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And now, perhaps, it's time to apply energy to the fundamental principle of the hare physiology of the stomach. It must be done because the stomach has the features of a magic tablecloth. But first a few words about what gets inside, about vegetarian menu. The hare and the meat tastes though similar, but different.

On summer nights the non pleasure to crunch not carrots or cabbage, as they are referred tales and cartoons, and bluegrass, dandelion, yarrow, oats or clover. (By the way, clover and alfalfa adore and hare.) If seeing is not enough, the non reluctantly accepted the nettle, horse sorrel, plantain, quinoa or wormwood. Autumn menu coarsens - hares take the example moose: cut the undergrowth willow, twigs blueberries, eat green aspen bark, and in Siberia - in the seedlings of larch. In winter in the belly of the hare are branches of birch, oak, maple, Hickory and a stalk of hay, picked up on a forest road. In the tundra, long-eared vegetarians dig out from under the snow berries cranberries, leaves and shoots of grasses, sedges and cotton grass; from cones of the cedar they, like proteins, deftly get nuts.

As you can see, the adherent forests and tundra, the hare does not have much need in man. Rusak is a different matter. Rural lands and beckon him. He devours potatoes and cucumbers, melons, and peas, sunflower and Jerusalem artichoke, but above all, puts winter and spring of bread. However, without these foods to Rusak have something to eat. Weeds and famous medicinal herbs, such as Valerian and thyme together in his stomach. Rusak very, very fond of the mountains, with appetite devours cornflower and clover. He usually eats a stalk, but the salsify special honor - go inside the leaves. In the summer of hare swallow many plants with alkaloids, however, it does not harm. In the winter, with its snub nose they are searching for food under a solid layer of snow. In periods of heavy snowfall, when not to pickles, left sagebrush and grass. Oh, if it was all over with wormwood, but the iron hand of famine drives the animals to the bark of young apricot, blackthorn, acacia, Apple... If you are lucky to come across a voluminous snowy stack or Skardu, hares, without a moment's hesitation, dwell in them, sometimes not sticking out and nose. And warm, and hearty, and Fox will not catch wind! Stack and winter crops for Rusakov - our gift.

Where the stack under the paw is not available, in severe frosts have to dig in the snow. In the tundra in the snow the non sometimes make such a long holes that drive them there is no possibility. Shout, knock, shoot - all to no avail. Snowy winter brings hares fierce hunger, and a prolonged spring snake does not allow pull to "tighten the belt": one way - to the light. When you drop body weight Rusakov only 15% they are not residents. Compare: boars painless for yourself to lose weight by 50%.

But hares, perhaps, the most economical eaters on the planet. In confirmation of this, I cite a phrase from article I. E. Naumova, published in a respectable scientific publication - "Zoological journal": "Rear intestine lagomorphs are the most specialized coprophagous among mammals - is not only fermentation vessels for processing fiber, but also the apparatus of the synthesis and preparation for use of protein feed".

What is this hidden? Here is what. On the one hand, the picture is ugly, but very, very rational. Anyway, hares double-eat lunch. Used to think that life forces them to swallow the pills falling from under a short tail, to keep in the body, sulfur, vitamins and other biologically active substances. However, experts closely involved hare bellies, designers reasoned that such an incredible way to supply vitamins to anything - animals can satisfy yourself with vitamins more easily. But protein vegetarian menu is not rich. Why hares and rabbits acquired the digestive tract, adapted to re-digestion of food, which fermentation processes enriched microflora. In other words, the hare itself feeds - pulls out from under the tail of microbial protein synthesized at the exit from the body. And yet economical hares with their little brothers - rabbits - abdomen-cloth are not rarities - protein lunch under own tail are preparing more power beavers. But before Zaitsev them away.

Knowing all this, strangely perceive information about the animals addicted to the human table. Here is one such message. "The Forester lived adult manual hare, who slept together with hunting dogs, ate with them from one of the bowls and so became friends with one of the young hounds that she licked it and things like that. The hare was treated very rudely. It is often drummed on her head and back paws. The hare had another peculiarity: he very willingly ate meat and only if the lack of it passed on vegetable food. He especially loved the veal, pork and various sausages and literally danced and jumped to get this treat.

Hares began to visit the city dump to find in the parks that fell from the bird feeders. Winter in Moscow hare tracks dirasat snow in Izmailovo, Kuzminsky, Losinoostrovskaya and other Metropolitan parks, I have seen a hare darted between buses and trolleybuses Petrozavodskaya street...

It is difficult to live in the city - even cats prey on hares. Even harder will, if in Moscow will welcome foxes. In Western Europe, they have become citizens. That's the news from Brussels: in 1986, about 30 Lis moved from forest parks in densely populated center. One red-haired mother was six Fox cubs already in the pipeline.

But God is with them, with foxes. Back to the main subject of our conversation.

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