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What-what, and about to eat and listen to the hares mistake. Ripping off the grass and was working jaws, sicista through extensive ears learns about the approach of father, mother or foe before you see them. In the famous cartoon "Nu pogodi!" the wolf is not harsh enough hare by the ears. Alas, behind ear troubles are not only on the screen. So, in rainy weather, the ears need to bend, so that no water can enter. Otherwise you will get sick. In the rain slanted necessary to clarify the situation protrude from the grass head, and it is fraught with the fact that he can see wolves, foxes, stray dogs...

In good weather, in moments of danger, clinging to the earth, the animal puts his ears upright and this powerful hearing periscope examines district, itself invisible. (Compare with the moose.) In the heat of the hare day long hiding somewhere under a Bush. Thanks to his ears, not very thirsty, no need to sweat to escape from overheating: excess heat escapes through hot thin auricle, where the rapidly pulsing blood. According to estimates K. Schmidt-Nielsen in the heat of the ears is discharged into the environment the third of the so-called metabolic heat generated inside the hare in the metabolism.

Let's hope that "Well, wait!" the wolf will not tear the rabbit ears. Otherwise, according to science, it is necessary to remove only a winter adventure. Since the summer Bezukhova hare just waiting for heat stroke. And is it not because rabbit ears - excellent refrigerator, in exactly the same device has got not only his brother, but rabbit and small animal, anything related E. hare who - marsupial Bandicoot found in Australia? His ears, at least outwardly, a copy of the hare.

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