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That hares don't liebke, like all agree. The specialists look deeper, arguing that even the expression "the hare lay" correctly. All his life he either running or sitting, and then rising on his hind legs to survey the surroundings. However, the "survey" is a strong word. Seeing the skew things go badly. But let's talk about it at the time, and now refer to the excellent book, p. P. of Gambarana "Running mammals".

Its text, formulas, drawings and footage talk about how jumping jerboa, a Bishop and running hares. Now, the language of science hares running dormobile metalcoating way, or, to put it simply, Polyarny gallop. That is repelled by the earth's two hind legs, while flying in the air and land on one, then on another short foreleg. By the way, of all the mammalian stage of the flight while running lost only elephants, gray gave evolution and they "flew". The trajectory of the hare steeper than the whole, therefore, the hare gets tired quickly and the running speed is less.

The main rabbit thruster - powerful hind legs, front only the shock absorbers shock when landing. And would hardly hares so famously rode, if they didn't have great back: muscle is the extensor spinal column weighs a third of all muscles of the front and rear legs. Bending back after a landing like vvodit the spring for the next hop. For muscle there is even a special mount - processes on the vertebrae. So hare is like a living spring.

Spring works perfectly - hare capable of several kilometers in a row to Galperovich with a speed of 50 kilometers per hour, deliberately laying unthinkable turns. Yes, this wizard to Dodge more than you will not find on the planet. Running and loop - defensive hare weapon, and he uses it brilliantly. Offensive as weapons is not in sight - hare not the aggressor and does not hurt anybody.

Naturalists good old way soraluce wrote that slanted unable to walk or trot that he was just standing on all four legs uncomfortable. Supposedly, if the hare is based on the short front legs, back bends in half and rather sits on them than necessary. Because of the long hind legs of the hare difficult jumps down from the mountain, and the acute need for it to steep slope, rolling head over heels, like a ball. But if he jumps up, no dog catches up - the hind legs and back muscle shoot oblique upward as the catapult.

Going to day activities, any self-respecting rabbit makes feints, the so-called usdwalta to unravel which not every Fox or wolf on the shoulder. This tricky maneuver no one teaches - then commands the unknown unconditional reflex. Dobrikov to some fancy place, the long-eared fellow, as if on command "around March, jumping back to your exact same traces. Finally he stops, podrachivala and that is urine sheet away from his path, trying to please under a Bush or in a hole, where and hides for a day. For Fox nose odorous trace, as if through the earth falls.

Hunted hounds dogs, rabbit (young animal first runs circles), if a little broke away from the chase, he immediately begins to make "vsdwuci", "installation" and giant leaps away from continue their journey. And in the days of fall for some reason he is afraid to run through the foliage, prefers to hide in a pine forest. Might not want to pretend to be the rustle? But he is reluctant to use the roads, even the road, or riding through the herd, to mislead his pursuers confused! In General, as the saying goes, do not teach a pike to swim, and hare running.

On foot, or rather, their four hares, gathered a crowd, and take long trips. For example, in 1882 huge crowd Rusakov went on the ice of the river Dniester in Bessarabia. In the winter hare often travel through the valley of the Volga, and the non before the snow is on the Taimyr Peninsula. For all his attachment to the place of birth hares, tortured by hunger or predators, jump and jump tens or even hundreds of kilometers, sometimes in single file, in trail.

Century Century Gruzdev through years of research and went on a rabbit's trail thousands of miles away, watching their habits and manners hare enemies. The result of his work was a monograph on the Ecology of the hare". In this book says: "When winter movements herding useful. It helps protect Rusakov from predators". Anyway, the book shows that rabbits are not homebodies, as previously thought. Sometimes from wintering areas to breeding a distance of tens of kilometers. However, for example, in Hungary 80-90% Rusakov kept within a radius of three and Czechoslovakia - two kilometers from where they were tagged. But Czechoslovakia and Hungary is not Russia, there is no place specifically to roam.

Not tired are you from? Maybe it's time to escape? Perhaps, before you say goodbye to hare feet and be accepted by the ears, is to laugh at humorous lines Chekhov, written in his youth.

Went once through the bridge
Greasy Chinese,
Ahead of them, with his tail
Hurry hares.
Suddenly the Chinese shouted:
"Stop! Shoot! Ah! Ah!"
Hares above the tail lifted
And hid in the bushes.
The moral of this story is so clear:
Who Zaitsev wants to eat,
The daily rising up from sleep,
Dad must listen.

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