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Long ago, in the VI century BC on the Greek island of Samos prosper sanctuary of the goddess Hera, decorated with statues of white marble. One of those wonderful ancient statues ("Hera Samoska") now resides in the Louvre Museum, the other in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin. It is officially called the "Goddess with the hare", although experts claim (sculpture lost head)that Bunny isn't the hand of the goddess, and the hand of the priestess. But it's not in the title - critics unanimously exclaim: "How free and alive passed by the Greek master figure of a hare!"

In all likelihood, this is not the first and certainly not the only embodiment in marble of our long-eared hero. Here are just a few words on this subject. Ancient Christians, probably, to hare is treated with pity in those days it was a symbol of a repentant sinner back to God. Much later oblique turned into a symbol of fear, and the attitude was somewhat dismissive. For example, how long century sculptors portrayed fear: at the feet of a young man with pagebusiness knees huddled or wild goat, or rabbit, who, like bent knees, personified fearfulness and escape.

Before to convince you that the hare - beast brave, let me no longer a "marble", and literary retreat. However, it somehow by itself is born figurine forever shaking from fear hare. "There was a time when the lawns playfully sports timid sicista, which is the fear of many enemies, especially man, this cunning, cruel, carnivorous animal, kept the whole day in the secret place; when owl, shrill singer of the night, sitting on a hollow tree, makes sounds, able to captivate the ears of some of the current music connoisseurs; ...when you are awake thieves and robbers, and honest caretaker sleep, - simply put, it was midnight..." Although these words from the novel by Henry Fielding more than two hundred years, they are topical and then, correctly draw the relationship rabbits with two-legged masters of the planet. A good quote that tells ignorant sovereigns that hare - animal night and day prefers to sleep.

Perhaps it is worth highlight these words Fielding: "playfully sports timid sicista". Frolic seems like all rabbits, even older. In a moment of complacency they make fun running around, jumping up, rolling around on the ground... Sometimes, just for bravery, jump over the spiked nails six-foot fences, even swim in the river if the water is warm. Not once seen as the hare-hare crossed the Rhine in the place where its width is a good half a kilometer. As a whole, which was nicknamed "water", going for feeding regularly overcame forty-metre water barrier. And, probably, our grandfathers Mazaev in the spring of hassle is added because in very cold water, long-eared swimmers afraid to accept. In General, zoologists think that of mammals only camels swim as axes. Camels can understand: a river in the desert is very rare and to train them nowhere. However, our two-humped camel good swims on its side - probably the hump serves as a float.

Hare is not timid. The hind legs it goes from eagle or seized him by surprise foxes. Many of zichichi bravely protect calves from the Raven, trying to devour. In the annals of scientific literature immortalized the angel, who managed to scare even a small dog. Old, know how much a pound of hard times, hares PA eyes choking barking huge watchdog quietly eat what grows in the garden or in the garden. Sometimes, they were so close to the house that the spray from the mouth distraught such insolence guard dogs since they coat. However, silent Scarecrow usually gives a cross-eyed vegetarians so much respect that they did not dare to start a meal in his presence.

If slash avoids unfamiliar objects, this does not mean fear, or something close to panic. The old hare instantly distinguishes hunters from those people who are not going to hurt him. He can spend all day long, say, near a roadside Telegraph pole, didn't hesitate no transport, no passers-by. In Chukotka you can spend hours going over the mountain with a camera (not with a gun!). Witnesses wrote: "the Hare run away a short distance, stops and begins to feed, allowing you to get closer to 10-15 meters and closer, only then lazily trust on." Zoologists father and son Gladyshevskii after careful observation found that in the beginning of the night hare, released to feed on crops and scared the man away just to another part of the field a little more, if to frighten them in the morning when they are starved of the worm, hare go to places daytime lairs. It turns out that rabbits are not ulepetyvaet aimlessly, and ran to where they soon still need to be.

Alas, the day raised with his cold bed hare runs the risk of head. Here is a documented case. Late in the fall of 1965, when it fell the snow, near the village of Agovino, near Volokolamsk, raised in the woods by a hunter S. C. Pillowy hare ran to the swampy lowland where the hunter would not be able to reach. But bolotine on the whole dived hawk. Hare, leaving the snow trail of blood still ran from the feathered death. Pylev went in pursuit of a wounded animal, and he with the edge of the forest turned into a field where the snow was thinner and escape easier. But meat and there waited for the enemy is nowhere grafted Fox. The wounded hare immediately turned sharply to the village, and Fox, frightened by too close contact with civilization behind. But hare's ordeal did not end on the outskirts on peg attacked by crows. Rusak and left them with nothing hiding under the barn. Understand, this is not a fairy tale, but a terrible reality.

And after all that was written here, don't you think that saying, if cowardly, flowing into a panic for any reason people cleft soul", to put it mildly, incorrect?

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