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Has long been observed that hair color has much to say about the man. So, if a girl, a girl, a woman:


Red. You're stubborn and angry. You have a pronounced tendency to sport and ambitious desire to win. If the face is square, can be a great motorist and take possession of any male-dominated profession. If oval, feminine - have poetic abilities and talent. You adiplomatic and impatient. Often act in a fit of passion, risk and recognizing trade-offs. Due to the contradictory nature are generous and even gentle. When putting forth their beautiful red hair (which cut rarely and reluctantly), they are born such magnetic fluids, against which it is impossible to resist.

Indifferent to you there. You, or hate, or love. You often think about the guys with the despised" eat. Their character traits and temperament you can get high energetic dark brown or brunette.

Do you prefer blue, green, black and white. I love birds and animals, especially horses and dogs. Love to be in the whirl of life. With all due respect to family bonds, for you they are not the most important. You're a business man, you're easy to work with. You can be a great leader in any business.


The brown hair. You always lively, fun and clever. I love to travel. Almost all can learn - and very quickly. Capable, hardworking, and most importantly - smooth.

You have a lot of friends. You're a wonderful person and loved in the community. But deep down you rather reserved and are able to follow their interests.

From the dark brown-haired character somewhat secretive, the white is softer and more sentimental.

Your tastes are almost always wide and varied. You have a good command of them. Carefully monitor your health and appearance.

If you're dark-eyed, prefer technical profession, if blue-eyed - humanitarian. For example, arts and crafts, literature. The shortish brown hair can make a career dancer, tall and slim is the best of secretaries.


The blonde. Often you humble, good and soft. There are dreamy, melancholic and sometimes capricious. In relationships with men rather passive, while in love is very loyal. You often cry, knowing full well that tears you to face. And you lie quite easily and often, though, without guile, as if wishing to correct or embellish the situation. You're not too functional and not very worried about the case. But if you have a good leader, and you're a great worker. However, you have no ambition in life you almost idealist. Moreover, sentimental, love the soft pastel colors, nature, poetry.

Male dark brown or brunette can get with blonde relations. And even serious. The game is worth the candle. But it is useful to remember: when the blonde says, "I love you", it means nothing - it may soon abandon these words.


The brunette. Oh, it's very strong, authoritarian and serious! You are cunning, smart and patient. Excellent understanding of politics and diplomacy. All projects (even complex) perform slowly but surely. Difficulties only double your energy.

If you're a white man - the prudent and economical housewife. If dark, you can damp your sensual ardor.

But if you will love, you can pay for chosen life. You are able to look at some of his actions through his fingers. However, if you do become a serious threat, in a fit of jealousy you will destroy all. Even the head. Him and his.

Dress you strictly, thoughtfully. Prefer black and red colors. Love the soft evening light. Do not tolerate large companies. Prone to loneliness and hard work.

Often your marriage is late. For the mind, the will and the absence of coquetry often scare men. Even frighten.

And in vain! If the partner is dark brown, and especially the blond with soft and even shy by nature, he must marry a brunette. His future is bright.


So, dear girls, recidivate, meditate. But do not take it too seriously. In the world everything is relative. Also, do not forget, had in mind the true color of your hair.


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