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This hairstyle is very feminine and romantic. To do this, don't have to have long hair.
And most importantly - you will quickly and easily cope with it herself!

Do Greek haircut

You will need:

The bezel (you can replace it with a rubber band or tape of suitable size);
the hairspray.

Do Greek hairstyle
Put the bezel on top of the hair. On the right side separate small strand
Do Greek hairstyle
Gently start to twist the hair around the rim.
Do Greek hairstyle
Padhathi following strand and zakruchivat it around the rim together with the tail from the first strand.
Do Greek hairstyle
Just before reaching the end, begin to twist the strands on the left side.
Do Greek hairstyle
When the strands from the two sides will meet, put them in one of pragji make it under the bezel
Do Greek hairstyle

Gently pull the hair in different directions to give them volume. Finish bezel so that he was on the hairline.

Fix hair style hairspray. Ready!

Hello, the Greek beauty!

Do Greek haircut

Alexander Surnina,
stylist, makeup artist, hairdresser,
team leader SashaStyle
("High school journal", №8, 2013)

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2014-03-22 18:14:46
the class I did
fashion 2070
2014-03-06 21:31:04
2014-02-19 19:34:51
hairdo sucks 80s fashion
2014-01-30 09:15:09
I do this hairstyle yourself.
2014-01-19 14:06:40
normal hairstyle.
2014-01-04 11:16:05
cool precedence))
2014-01-04 11:15:24
2013-12-23 20:28:04
I also do myself. I really go this hairstyle!! just class!!
2013-12-15 23:35:00
Just class . I draw but it's long to do... since I have long hair I long to do around 1 hour or 1 hour and 30 minutes. But the hair dying! Thank you to those who came up with this hairstyle! Well done! Advice to make everyone who has long hair!

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