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Hairstyle "tail" is the best choice for styling hair in the summer heat.
To make it more bright and fun, we offer you to make your original clips.
These decorations is a godsend for beauties with long hair!
Use fabric, buttons, beads, ribbons and paint.
Don't be afraid to experiment with bright colors - they are better suited for summer.

Homemade hair clips

You will need:

cardboard tube, wand of ice cream, a thin wrapping paper,
button, thread, needle, glue, pencil, ruler, markers, scissors, tape

Do bright hair clips Do bright hair clips
From the cardboard tube cut ring width 4 see Cut it, drew 10 cm, cut again. Get bent rectangle 10 × 4 see Ask adults to make slits on both sides of the cardboard blank, so you can easily insert the stick on the ice cream.
Do bright hair clips Do bright hair clips
From wrapping paper cut out a rectangle slightly larger than the cardboard blank, and glue it with the convex side of the cardboard. Cut off the corners, and the protruding edge glue on the other side of the workpiece. Just stick another 2-3 layers of paper. Scissors nadrazi paper in places cuts cardboard blanks and apply all the Bobby pin with glue, and then leave it to dry.
Do bright hair clips Do bright hair clips
On paper contrasting colors draw the heart, cut it out and stick on the barrette. Again cut the decoration layer of glue and let dry. Button heart-shaped impose on a paper heart and pencil set holes. With an awl or a compass carefully brocoli holes in the cardboard.
Do bright hair clips Do bright hair clips
Sew on a button clip to the cardboard and tie the thread on the reverse side. Fasten the node adhesive tape. Stick hairpin paint markers and let dry. Then cut a stick of glue and leave to dry. Clip ready.
Homemade hair clips

Fun ideas, No. 7 (2008)

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2014-04-20 16:20:12
well, I don't understand how to do it!!!!!!!
2014-03-26 12:45:02
but as this clip on hair pin?
2014-03-10 21:30:29
2014-02-13 10:46:06
Great idea, will adopt
2014-01-30 09:16:42
Anonymous we just have a taste, and you don't.
2013-12-16 19:49:45
Very great idea
2013-12-01 14:07:10
Kate young stylist
2013-11-09 20:13:15
Clip funny,but baby right now, in fashion more.
2013-11-09 00:36:29
Beautiful clip! And those who write that she is not beautiful, you have no taste!
2013-11-05 13:38:50
It is possible to do and more beautiful

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